Fashion Influencer Chriselle Lim Launches A New Digest For The Modern Day Parent

Think practical parenting tips with a fresh perspective!

Think parenthood and tend to think your fashion sense, fun and confidence all go out the window? 
Think again—with new parenting platform bümoDIGEST set to shake up the outdated parenting scene and bring a fresh perspective to modern-day parenting.

Launching on August 11th as a ‘weekly digest’ sent straight to busy parents inboxes everywhere, bümoDIGEST founded by American fashion influencer Chriselle Lim (who has over 1.1 million followers) will offer updated advice on parenting, along with practical tips and a new perspective on what being a parent should look like.

Image: Hello Bumo

Inclusive, real and open, just like Chriselle herself, you can expect honest and authentic interviews with real-life parents, insight into life behind the lens and a poignant perspective into what everyday parent life looks like, while also providing inspiration and of course, style inspo! 

Image: @chrisellelim

While it’s a new venture for the fashion influencer, Chriselle admits it feels like a natural progression, admitting “parenting has changed everything for me… Never did I think my whole world and life and work would revolve around these little guys” to her 1.1 million Instagram fans ahead of the bümoDIGEST launch.

Image: @chrisellelim

In a series of poignant posts shared by Chriselle, she admits her children have inspired her in more ways than one, from reminding her to conquer her own fears ‘even if it scares the sh*t out of her’ to being brave and facing any challenge with a smile.

Image: @chrisellelim

With a jet-setting life and two young daughters Colette and Chloe in tow, it’s safe to say her children are the heart of her new passion project, providing constant inspiration into life and parenthood while giving her endless opportunities for entertaining and practical new content! 

Image: @chrisellelim

With a fresh voice, a fashion-forward nature and a modern lifestyle, you can be assured bümoDIGEST will showcase the very best of Chriselle’s life as a parent while paving the way for a new conversation and perspective on parenting.
To sign to receive the new bümoDIGEST and have endless parenting resources at your fingertips, register here.

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