body language
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These 3 Flirty Facial Expressions Say Whether They’re Into You Or Not

That facial body language says it all, but are we able to figure it out for ourselves?

Trust us, we’ve all been there. You’ve gone on that first date, you feel confident about the outcome, and you’ve connected with someone like never before. Three days later, you’re still waiting on that text back. What could’ve gone wrong? It seemed like they were into you. You start to weigh your options. Then the worry mounts. In our culture, being too revealing on a first date can signal that you are too forward, too much, or what have you. Why society is like this, we’ll never know. However, we do know that body language can say a lot about an individual.

There are also some tools in your arsenal you can use to decipher whether or not that person would like to continue talking to you. We’ve done some research to figure out which three stand out and speak the truth behind the mystery. Keep reading for more on the facial body language that can tell you whether or not someone is into you.

body language
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The Facial Body Language That Says It All

You’ve got a crush on someone, and you don’t know whether or not they like you back. The question we’ve asked ourselves over and over again since grade school. It’s annoying, a mystery, and the basis of the game we all play called love. Researchers at UC Davis in California decided they had enough and decided to go full steam ahead and let science do the talking. According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, they used a facial coding system to classify the morphology of highly recognized flirtatious facial expressions. Basically, they got groups of people together to flirt, coded their faces, and asked them whether or not they were interested in the person. The top three results were the following:

  • Head turned to one side and slightly tilted down
  • A slight smile 
  • Eyes turned forward towards the subject

The greatest part of it all is that research concluded that most men were not able to pick up these cues, at all. So after all this research, scientists concluded that we will all continue to play the game of love for eternity. Maybe evolution will teach and engrain in us the ability to decode these messages? Maybe, but not in our generation. We have concluded that maybe the power of communication is key to finding love since it is all we have to find the one.

body language
Image: Guilian Fremaux via Unsplash

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