What A Triple Threat Dietitian, Athlete, And Personal Coach Eats In A Day

An inside look on Lori Nedescu's day, from start to finish.


Getting a look at how elites (athletes, nutritionists, physicians, etc.) eat for a day is always so interesting and inspirational. It is a true glimpse into the food values, priorities, and personality of someone and so much more fun and motivational than simply reading tips and advice posts.  As a board-certified sports dietitian, elite athlete and personal coach, I find it extremely important to deliver a ‘practice what I preach’ approach by showing how I fuel my body on any given day. 

First Things First

I’m a morning person and wake up around 6am without an alarm. The first thing I do is grab a bottle of water mixed with Athletic Greens that I’ve put in the fridge the night before and take a few gulps to wash down my Swisse Wellness daily supplements. I quickly move on to making a double espresso latte with a mixture of goat & oat milk, collagen, cayenne, and raw sugar. 

What My Workout Consists Of

Next I take off for a workout, right now that’s about a 10-12 mile run as I’m currently marathon training. I always run with hydration and a sports gel. After my run, I go straight to the kitchen and blend a Daily Harvest smoothie with almond milk and Klean Athlete whey protein. My favorite flavor is the chocolate blueberry, it is so rich and creamy and great for replenishing my workout efforts. If I’m out of Daily Harvest, my next go-to overnight oats.

yogurt with fruit
Image: Brooke Lark

For Lunch

This is my biggest meal of the day. I fully believe in ‘front loading the day’ (having more calories early on) and I do not like feeling snacky throughout the day. My go-to is a very colorful and big salad or grain bowl with plenty of veggies, nuts, seeds, and protein. Usually I have this with an alkaline or sparkling water, currently La Croix Hibiscus is my obsession. 

In The Afternoon 

I coach high school cross country running in the late afternoon which typically includes me running a few more miles along with stretching and strength. When I return from this, I have a small bar or protein drink like Koia. 

protein bars
Image: Jade Wulfraat

In The Evening

I hate going to sleep on a full stomach so I try to eat around 7pm and keep the meal small. Exactly what I eat varies a lot due to the day, seasonal ingredients, my body’s needs, and what recipe testing I might have to do. Typically, I have grilled vegetables, grass fed steak and potatoes. If not that, it is a variation of whatever salad or grain bowl I had for lunch.  I’ll usually have a glass of wine or mezcal negroni while I cook and if I’m feeling extra indulgent, a piece of chocolate after my meal. I try to have a cup of tea or glass of water before bed. 
My eating style is diverse and focuses around quality; I eat animal protein but like to be plant forward, my holds several dairy and non-dairy milk options, and grains aren’t off-limits, but gluten is. This post is intended to share my personal habits and inspire healthy habits. The foods I eat may or may not be right for your body. If you’re struggling with how to give your body what it needs to fuel your goals, reach out to a professional for personalized assistance.
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