Erika Bloom Pilates
Image: Courtesy of Erika Bloom Pilates

New York’s Top Pilates Empire Launches A New Digital Platform

Erika Bloom Pilates launches 'The Membership', an all new monthly subscription service for wellness content and workouts.

The way we go about our day has changed completely due to COVID-19. We get our groceries with a mask on, friends are okay (at a distance of six feet), and working out is done with a virtual trainer. Gyms and work-out classes have had to adjust to the pandemic’s demands, and one New York City is starting a new program to help you stay fit, at home. Veteran Pilates expert, former dancer, fitness aficionado, and founder of luxury wellness brand Erika Bloom Pilates, Erika Bloom, has launched her new digital membership. While her namesake studios in Los Angeles and Turks and Caicos are temporarily closed, her New York City and Water Mill locations have safely opened. You can also even get at-home sessions in East Hampton!

At the beginning of the pandemic, Erika pivoted to having her Pilates sessions 100% online. Now, her very first digital membership platform, The Membership, is live. Keep reading for more about the launch!

erika bloom pilates
Image: Erika Bloom Pilates

What Does the Membership Include?

With Erika Bloom’s ‘The Membership, you get a monthly subscription that gives you 24/7 access to a library of wellness offerings, access thoughtful, attentive, and detailed videos from healing movement and nutrition to meditation and sleep, new wellness content that will be shared through pre-recorded video as well as live practices that will grant the opportunity to interact with Erika and her team of highly trained practitioners, and tips from top holistic wellness experts during special guest lectures. There will be one live class per week to start, as well as the constant adding of pre-recorded video. Get crazy Pilates skills and your wellness routine going, right at the same time! ‘The Membership’ is great for a satisfying, healing Pilates workout.

  • ‘The Membership’ Cost: $90 per month

What Do You Need to Do Your Pilates Work-Out?

Need something to work out with? Don’t know where to get your Pilates equipment? Erika Bloom has created a beautiful box of custom essential movement props which includes the items below and retails for $200. Shop here.

  • one foam yoga block
  • a hard massage ball for self-release
  • a small softball to support or add challenge to movement Pilates practices
  • ankle/wrist weights by Bala bangles for strengthening and grounding
  • two eco-friendly resistance bands (one light and one medium)
  • a hand-poured soy/coconut wax candle made with pure essential oils and a cotton wick (free of toxins and reusable)
erika bloom pilates
Image: Erika Bloom Pilates

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