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Eating For Your Period? Here’s What You Should Know

There are certain foods that can de-bloat and cheer you up.

When it’s that time of the month, all bets are off. You can feel as if the world is crashing down onto you, with added hunger and bloating to top it all off. When we get our periods, our bodies change rapidly to accommodate them. According to VeryWell Health, when you get your period, your body’s reproductive system undergoes a change. Your endocrine glands produce a hormone that determines when you get your period, the amount of menstrual flow you have, and what happens to your reproductive organs. After all, your period is what happens when your egg is not fertilized. But there is a way to avoid pain and bloat, and that maybe through changing your diet to prepare for your period. We did some research and found the best food for eating for your period. Keep reading for more.

A Guide To Eating For Your Period

Good Fats

Did you know that when we get our periods, we tend to burn more calories per day? A nice consolation prize for cramping, bloating, and moodiness. You can burn around 100 to 300 more calories than you usually do. We recommend eating more good fat to combat this calorie deficit. Fats are typically the last thing to leave the digestive system and keep you full for much longer. When you eat fats, you are no longer overeating or snacking as much. Add some avocado to your meal or eat a piece of chocolate after your dinner to help the bloat stay down longer.

eating for your period
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Have you been waiting to cook a nice meal with salmon during quarantine? Time it during your menstrual cycle and see if it helps you with your period pain. Salmon and fish have tons of Omega-3 fatty acids. You can also take a supplement such as fish oil to help. Why do Omega-3s help with this type of pain? Because they actually reduce inflammation. Inflammation may be what is giving you pain during your period.

eating for your period
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Up The Intake Of Iron

Iron is a great tool to utilize to stop cramping and bloating. Have a lot of meat and fish if possible. If you are vegetarian/vegan and/or have dietary restrictions, pile on the leafy greens! Broccoli is super high in iron as well as Vitamin C, which can help you absorb iron much faster and better. Chocolate is also a form of iron that is you can eat for period pain.

eating for your period
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Good Bacteria Support


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