This Is The Most Effective Cellulite Treatment I've Ever Tried

With so many creams, pills and gadgets claiming to eradicate one of women’s peskiest beauty problems, it’s easy to fall down a cellulite-treatment rabbit hole. But truth be told, as cosmetic surgeon Dr Anna Marie Olsen explained to The UK Telegraph, “Oils and creams can improve the appearance of your skin and, to a certain extent, work on superficial layers of the skin in terms of water retention, but they will never cure your cellulite.”
With more and more advances in technology, it’s important to know what’s what, and I found one that deserves the crowning glory when it comes to achieving smoother, more taught skin.

The treatment

Without a doubt, the Venus Legacy is hands down the most effective cellulite treatment I’ve ever come across. Harnessing the power of temperature controlled heat, two technologies — Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields — are combined to synergistically and uniformly produce heat under the skin’s surface. This causes a thermal reaction in the tissue, increasing collagen and elastin and resulting in smoother, tighter and firmer skin.

How it works

I received my treatments at Mibu Medispa, where the focus is on enhancing natural beauty, and ensuring each and every client receives a tailor-made, personalized program to best suit their goals. The super highly trained therapists are able to identify which route is best to go, and a series of six Venus Legacy treatments, each one hour, was recommended for me. This was not just simply prescribed by my therapist, Kim, chatting with me about what I wanted to achieve (which we did do, in a plush, private white marbled room over a cup of personalized tea), but through an incredibly in-depth and innovative body analysis.
First stepping onto a high-tech looking scale, I was instructed to hold a set of hand pieces in each hand while the machine did its thing. In about a minute, an entire body composition reading detailing everything from how many kilograms of fat were in each arm, leg and my abdominals to how much protein and water were in my system to my balance was measured and printed for us to review. These details make the program and treatments more exact; in my case, my right leg measured a centimetre bigger and had a slightly higher percentage of fat than my left leg, so Kim worked a little harder on my right side.

The experience

The treatment itself is nothing short of a dream, too: it feels like a warm massage, and has a therapeutic, relaxing and soothing effect. But don’t let the pleasant experience let you think it’s not working: a slight suction gently pulls skin upwards, allowing the radio frequency energy to travel deeper into the skin, which triggers cellulite reduction and a slimming and contouring effect all while stimulating healthy circulation. The therapist keeps the device head is in constant motion, melting fat and tightening skin at once.

During treatment, I chatted with Kim about the benefits of Venus Legacy over other options. Since Venus Legacy uses lipolysis (read: heat to melt fat and boost collagen and elastin, tightening skin), there is zero harm, and the fat is flushed out via the lymphatic drainage system. Other forms of non-invasive fat reduction kill both fat and cells, which can be damaging. This targeted, safe and super effective treatment also has zero down time, and regular activity can be resumed immediately after with no restrictions. Venus Legacy treatments can also be permanent if you commit to a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise.

The after-effect

To give the treatments a boost in efficacy, a session in an on-site infrared sauna immediately follows, but not before a delicious snack of fresh fruit, yogurt and an ultra-hydrating, electrolyte- probiotic- and lauric acid- packed coconut drink is served. The sauna, which has several clinically proven programs to address different goals, each require different temperatures and lengths of time. Post Venus Legacy treatment, 30 minutes is spent in a warm and comfortable session, where you can relax or even watch Netflix on the iPad in the sauna.
The Venus Legacy treatments are so effective, my legs looked smoother and firmer after just one session. I love everything about this treatment: by stimulating the body’s natural healing process, it’s a safe, healthy and genuinely enjoyable and effective way to diminish cellulite. Mibu Medispa enhanced the experience with their incredibly knowledgable and professional staff, their warm and friendly welcome, and of course, their gorgeous space.
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