Book Your Flights—These Two High Concept Activewear Stores Are Worth Visiting

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Forget opening a traditional retail store in New York, Los Angeles, or London—it’s been done a million times. Two active wear brands decided to buck all retail conventions and open a few very different brick-and-mortar stores in surprising locations.
Vie Active, the Australian activewear brand founded by Noa Ries, just launched their first official retail space in the United States in Sun Valley, Idaho. Why the far-flung locale? “Sun Valley is the epitome of active living and we know there is a huge opportunity for more activewear retail offerings like ours. We wanted to create a beach house vibe that pays homage to our Australian roots but also evokes the mountain town vibe we feel here,” expressed Ries in a press release. 

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The brand moved their headquarters from Los Angeles to Sun Valley one year ago. One of Idaho’s most picturesque locales, Sun Valley is home to world-class skiing, hiking, and camping. Residents flock to the area to pursue a more active, outdoorsy lifestyle. Considering Vie Active’s ethos—that exercise and fitness should be something that is celebrated rather than dreaded or neglected—it’s truly the perfect spot for the brand’s first permanent store. 
Also on our travel radar? Asics‘ new Berlin concept store. The Japanese brand’s new store is two stories, with space for community events and training sessions as well as a tech-forward retail shop. Try out Asics’ extensive athletic shoe collection at the Motion ID running service point, where experts can fit you in the perfect running shoe thanks to Asics’ tech innovations. Our favorite aspect of this modern-looking, IKEA-style store? Asics invites sports professionals—mainly personal trainers, athletes and physicians not presently associated with the brand—to present their take on a ‘sound mind and body performance’ to visitors.

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