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Image: Courtesy of Clean Co.

If You’re Participating in Dry January, You’ve Got to Try These Mocktails

From a clean Gin and Tonic to a Marmalade Old Fashioned.

If you’re participating in Dry January, a pledge to not drink any alcohol for the first month of the year, we salute you. It’s a difficult task to decide to forgo the beverages and make the decision to indulge in wellness. Of course, making a mocktail or two doesn’t hurt. We spoke to Clean Co., a clean alcohol brand for cocktail lovers that’s made without the sugar, calories (less than 12 per serving), and alcohol, who gave us their favorite winter recipes for mocktails. Keep reading for more!

If You’re Participating in Dry January, You’ve Got to Try These Mocktails

Clean Gin and Tonic

The classic G&T is given a Clean makeover. Fresh mint leaves and slices of lime throughout the drink keep it looking and tasting fresh to the very last sip.


  • 2oz Clean G
  • 4oz Tonic water

What else do you need?

  • Glass: HighballProcess: Build
  • Ice: Served with cubed ice
  • Garnish: 3 lime wheels, 5 mint leaves

How to make it

Add Clean G and tonic to a tall glass, then add ice along with mint leaves and lime slices so that the garnish is layered throughout the length of the drink. Save one lime wheel to place on the top.

best mocktails
Image: Courtesy of Clean Co.

Marmalade Rumfashioned

Our Clean take on the ‘Old Fashioned’. Deep and complex flavors with a luxurious mouthfeel. You’d be forgiven for thinking you can feel the effects of drinking this variation of the classic Old Fashioned. However, it’s absolutely fantastic.


  • 3oz Clean R (straight from the fridge)
  • 1 Teaspoon orange marmalade (or a stone fruit preserve)
  • 1-3 Dashes Angostura Bitters

What else do you need? 

  • Glass: Lowball
  • Process: Build
  • Ice: Served with cubed ice
  • Garnish: Orange twist, and a bark of cinnamon for a seasonal twist

How to make it

To avoid excessive dilution and to create the perfect mouthfeel, we highly recommend using Clean R straight from the fridge for this recipe. Add marmalade to a tumbler/lowball, then stir in chilled Clean R to dissolve it. Add bitters to taste, fill the glass with ice, then finish with a twist of orange. Also, add a cinnamon bark for a seasonal twist.

best mocktails
Image: Courtesy of Clean Co.

Lynd Martini

A low ABV twist on James Bond’s favorite cocktail, the Vesper Martini. The Lynd Martini perfectly balances the cinnamon and apple character of Clean V with Clean G’s botanicals, sweet vermouth, and pressed apple. Creating a full-bodied yet refreshing cocktail. For those who want to lighten their drinks – the hybrid serve uses part full strength ABV and part CleanCo liquids.


  • 2oz Clean V
  • 1 1/3oz Clean G
  • 1 1/3oz Sweet Vermouth
  • 1 1/3oz Pressed Apple Juice

What else do you need? 

  • Glass: Coupette
  • Process: Batch/build
  • Ice: N/A
  • Garnish: 3 apple slices

How to make it

Measure all ingredients into the sterile bottle(s) and store in the fridge to keep chilled and ready to serve. Do not freeze though. Pour the cold Lynd Martini batch directly into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with fine slices of pink/red apple.

best mocktails
Image: Courtesy of Clean Co.

Best Non-Alcoholic Beverages to Try

Clean G (Gin)

Clean G has an unmistakable, crisp, botanical flavor that’s equally refreshing and enjoyable. Clean G is free from added sugars or sweeteners – making it a thoroughly guilt-free alternative. With a classic taste, Clean G headlines notes of juniper and citrus (lemon and grapefruit) with an earthy quality from angelica and orris and an herbaceous complexity (coriander and cinnamon) which gives a zingy, lively mouthfeel that’s medium-bodied with a balanced bitterness. You can shop it here.

Price: $29.99

Clean R (Rum)

Clean R is a take on Spiced Caribbean Rum. A warming spice, golden caramel, and cayenne pepper … delicious. Big flavored Jamaican rum is mixed with our secretly guarded blend of spices. This boldly flavored distillate is combined with other ingredients to create the finished non-alcoholic spirit. You can shop it here.

Price: $29.99

Clean V Spiced Apple (Flavored Vodka)

Combining fresh green apple, warming cinnamon with a spicy-sweet finish, Clean V is lively and clean, combining two classic vodka characteristics: a fresh cut-through and the warming, spice-tinged feeling comparable to the full-strength counterpart. You can shop it here.

Price: $29.99

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