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Debunked Common Myths to Help Fuel Your 2022 Fitness + Nutrition Goals

According to the registered dieticians at Gainful.

While everyone’s favorite Instagram fitness influencers may seem to have all of the answers, there’s a ton of contradictory information on the Internet when it comes to wellness, making it that much harder to get into a consistent routine. We here at AModrn had Gainful’s RDs (the first brand to bring personalized nutrition to the masses) debunk some common industry myths to help guide consumers in the right direction, based on your personal needs and goals. Keep reading to start off 2022 with helpful insights into how to spruce up your fitness journey!

Debunked Common Myths to Help Fuel Your 2022 Fitness + Nutrition Goals

MYTH #1: It’s difficult to reach fitness goals on a plant-based diet

Plant-based diets may take some additional preparation to support fitness goals like muscle gain as they generally lack nutrients such as protein, as well as certain vitamins and minerals. This barrier can be overcome by keeping your diet varied in food choices/groups, including quality plant-based protein sources, and supplementing with a multivitamin.

MYTH #2: Creatine makes women bulky + harms your kidneys

The research is very clear. Creatine has a great impact on physical and cognitive performance for females, regardless of what sport, discipline or type of activity they partake in. Since women have lower creatine stores than males, creatine intake has a significant impact on increased strength and muscle. Creatine has been studied extensively and has been shown to be safe for use in healthy individuals. Make sure to follow product instructions, use appropriate dosages, and talk to your doctor before starting any supplement.

MYTH #3: Pre-workout powder doesn’t sit well with me, it makes my body tingle

Beta-alanine is an amino acid in pre-workout that supports bursts of exercise, providing the endurance you need to get an efficient workout in. This ingredient can cause a tingling or itching sensation, which is completely harmless and shows that the pre-workout is doing its job!

MYTH #4: Collagen is a beauty supplement

Both male + female elite athletes and Olympians typically take collagen as the supplement supports skin, ligament, and tendon recovery, as well as the systemic regeneration needed to reach your next personal best.

MYTH #5: I should minimize my carb intake

Carbs are vital for energy and strength, and can be a large part of a healthy diet. Many nutrient-dense foods contain carbs, such as fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and dairy. Cutting them out may not be beneficial for your health or fitness goals, and may not be sustainable long-term. The only thing that will make you gain unwanted fat, will be consistently consuming more calories than your body burns.

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