13 Healthy Food Brands That'll Revolutionise Snack Time

Fun and flavoursome snacks from across the globe.

healthy snacks
Image: @hippeas_snacks

Are ‘healthy’ snacks looking about as stale and unappealing as that bruised banana at the bottom of your bag? We got you.
According to a recent UK survey one in two Brits give up their health kick because they find healthy food ‘boring’ compared to junk food, and three out of five admitted ‘trying’ to eat healthy reduced their enjoyment of eating.
Life is too short to not eat cake (raw and vegan if need be!), so hit refresh on those tired health food habits and give your snack situation a Spring (or Autumn) cleanse by getting stuck into these hot new healthy and FUN wholefood products instead.

1. siggis

Image: siggis

Bored of Greek Yoghurt? Why not take inspiration from the Icelandic diet and try skyr. The staple yoghurt in Iceland, skyr uses a viking technique that dates back over 1000 years ago and thanks to siggi’s, it’s back in the mainstream. Already a hit in the US, siggi’s has now gone global, launching recently in Australian supermarkets too. As a low sugar, high protein yoghurt,  it’s the perfect protein-packed fuel to tide you over at work or pre-workout.
We love the Coconut Yoghurt (available in the US and Aus).

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2. Hippeas 

Image: Hippeas

With fun branding, the aptly named ‘Hippeas’ are the latest savoury snack that will leave you licking your fingers. Made of organic chickpea puffs, they are gluten-free, packed with fibre and protein and feature the tagline ‘something to meditate on while you munch.’ Part conscious and definitely part cheesy, suffice to say, we’re a fan!
We love the Vegan White Cheddar, think Twisty’s without the guilt! (exclusive to UK).
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3. Pollen & Grace

Image: Pollen & Grace

The Pollen & Grace packaging alone will have you instantly swooning. A natural, minimal ingredient food brand that has a clean eating focus and is accessible for busy workers on the go, Pollen & Grace do chia pots, hot pots and lunch boxes for delivery in London, or for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up try the ‘Super Square’ fudge bars (vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and cold pressed) for a sweet treat.

We love the Coconut, Caramel and Maca Super Square (exclusive to UK).
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4. Peak Chocolate

healthy snacks
Image: Peak Chocolate

A chocolate that you can eat pre-workout, yes you heard right! Peak chocolate is designed for fit people in mind and contains sports supplements Creatine, Branched Chain Amino Acid as well as natural caffeine supplement to offer explosive energy, endurance and performance benefits.
We love the Active Chocolate (exclusive to Aus).
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5. Lesser Evil

Image: Lesser Evil

An ethical company that’s about ‘making the world less evil through deeper connections with people, the planet and real organic food,’ Lesser Evil snacks instantly give off feel good vibes…and that’s before even had a chance to scoff the smiley buddha bowl popcorn range.
We love ‘Oh my Ghee’ popcorn made with grass fed ghee (exclusive to US).
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6. Rude Health

Image: Rude Health

Don’t be thrown by the name, this fun-loving brand puts the sex appeal back in simple, natural foods. According to them, if you prefer ditching diets and supplements and stocking up on good friends, dirty weekends, skinny dips, living fast and dying old, you’re living in ‘rude health.’ With a range of nut milks, muesli, porridge and cereal, breakfast just became a lot less of a bore.

We love the Tiger Nut Milk (exclusive to UK).

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7. Beauty Bites

Image: Beauty Bites

Think food that helps you glow from the inside out. Beauty Bites, launching in May 2019 across Australia, are bite-sized snacks that not only keep you satiated but keep your skin well fed too, with cult beauty ingredients—collagen, probiotics, prebiotics and vitamin C and E all part of the edible experience.
We love the White Choc Raspberry (exclusive to Aus).
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8. Mayver’s

Image: Mayver’s

Peanut butter fans, look further than Mayver’s. A local Australian family who cares about taking ‘badditives’ out of spreads, Mayver’s makes all natural nut butters that know how to tingle your taste buds (seriously the natural sea salt makes it!). Serve on toast or just go wild and eat by the spoonful, either way it’s serious workout fuel and a delicious dessert to boot! 
We love the Crunchy Peanut Butter (exclusive to Aus).
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9.Extraordinary Foods

Image: Extraordinary Foods

Secretly love a naughty weekend binge? Well, this brand allows you to stay true to your salty cravings without the guilt. Extraordinary foods does flavoured organic kale chips and coconut bacon, alongside other ‘pimp my salad’ condiments. Made in the homeland of healthy, Byron Bay, the food is naturally raw, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free.

We love the Kale Chips with Garlic and Spices (exclusive to Aus).
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10.Deliciously Ella

Image: Deliciously Ella

The brand of beloved British blogger Ella Mills of wholefood site ‘Deliciously Ella,’ every snack and product in her range is true to her grassroots approach of food being healthy, wholesome, plant-based, vegan-friendly and naturally, ‘delicious!’

We love the Nut Butter Balls (exclusive to UK).

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Image: Tapped

First was coconut water, then kombucha and switchel, now introducing the latest wellness water – Birch Water. Direct from the forests of Finland, Tapped birch water is taken from the tree sap and transformed into a delicious light drink that is a natural source of anti-oxidising manganese with light flavour. With three different flavours to dabble in, swap for a iced-tea for a healthier, organic and low-calorie drink.
We love the Bilberry and Ligonberry flavour (exclusive to UK).
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12.The Daily Bar

Image: The Daily Bar

Gut loving superfood snack bars, that are good for you, sweet and satisfying and perfect for a 3pm pick-me-up (not to mention oh so pretty!). Made using all natural ingredients including nuts, seeds, cacao butters, honey, The Daily Bars tick all the boxes as a health snack (organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free) and also make for serious snack envy at work!

We love PB Decadence (exclusive to Aus).
Shop here.

13. Culture Republick

For those Netflix night-ins where you need a little naughty something but don’t want the bloat. Introducing Culture Republick, the probiotic ice-cream with over 3 million live cultures. Yep you can eat a whole tub sans guilt, knowing it feeds your gut all the right stuff.
We love the Turmeric Chai & Cinnamon (exclusive to US).
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