Coloured rice is the latest food trend sweeping supermarket shelves

A staple in many diets, rice has been used for centuries as a go-to filling, natural and convenient food. But did you know rice comes in a range of vibrant hues? Bringing some colour to your plate and your palate, coloured rice is the latest food trend sweeping supermarket shelves. Ranging from green to red and black, the humble grain of rice has never been this beautiful or beneficial.

3 coloured rice varieties to add to your supermarket trolley:

black rice, coloured rice

Black rice

Once a luxury only known to the Emperor of China, black rice is globally praised for its nutritious benefits. A high quality grain with a soft texture and a nutty finish, it’s rich in antioxidants and fibre, but low in sugar. Try it for breakfast with coconut milk, or even in cakes and biscuits. It also makes for a great addition in sushi rolls.

Shop BLANCK & CO FOOD SUPPLY Black Rice $8.95

green rice, coloured rice

Green rice

Chances are, if you’re regular Amodrn reader you’ve probably given into the green craze. We’re talking about green juices, green smoothies, and green skincare. Now, you can try green rice. Infused with bamboo extract and chlorophyll, green rice has a subtle green tea flavour and slight crunchy finish. We also love that this particular variety is 100% wholegrain, organic, gluten-free, wheat free and jam-packed with protein.

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coloured rice

Red rice

Similarly to black rice, antioxidant-rich red rice is renowned for it’s liver cleansing abilities and fat free, high fibre content. Ethical Trading Co.’s variety, in particular, brings a whole new meaning to the term “feeling good”, by raising awareness of the benefits of fair trade as well as supplying Bhutanese farmers with a profit for their work. A delicious idea on and off your plate, red rice seems to be the old-but-new super food that’s here to stay.

Shop Ethical Trading Co. Bhutanese Dagozam Red Rice $6.50 

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