Why colour correcting make-up should be your new best friend 

Camouflage, conceal and correct.

So you’ve mastered baking (not the Betty Crocker kind), contouring and strobing. Now, you can add colour correcting to your beauty repertoire. While it might sound strange to apply green or purple hued products, you’d be surprised how beneficial these unconventional colours can be for your skin.

Colour Correcting 101

Colour Correcting
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Colour correcting is all about using neutralising shades to surprise, surprise “correct” skin-tone issues to give an even base for a flawless foundation application. Whether you’re looking to conceal dark circles, redness or simply crave an illuminating glow, we’ve got you covered.
Here, we’ve decoded four types of colour correctors to help you find best solution for your skin type and concerns.


Yellow primers and concealers effectively knock out those dark circles and pigmentation by counteracting the purple and blue tones of the skin.

Colour Correcting

We love → Musq Yellow Corrector $39.00


Looking to brighten your complexion and achieve that Gigi-esque glow? Try purple, lavender, or lilac correctors, which help to eliminate unwanted yellow or dull undertones in the skin.

Colour Correcting

We love → Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Neutralizer $63.00


Orange and peach tones won’t undo damage, but they will help hide freckles, sun spots, dark circles and even acne scars.

Colour Correcting

We love → Bobbi Brown Corrector $40.00


Nix redness in the bud with green-based products. This hue illuminates the skin while concealing redness caused by rosacea, blemishes or even mild sunburn.

Colour Correcting

We love → Dermalogica Redness Relief Primer $70.00

Colour Correcting

We love → Physicians Formula Concealer Twin 2in1 $19.95

Amodrn Tip: just dab these products where you need it most so you don’t over do it.

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