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What Is Clean Wine, and Why Is Everyone Talking About It at the Moment?

Yes, even your alcohol, can have additives. See what wine brands are leading this clean revolution.

You’d think the food and beverage world had figured out where and how to remove unnecessary additives from our food by now. Unfortunately, most of them hadn’t. According to Forbes, “Alcoholic beverages are not required to have ingredient labels. The reality is that wine can include everything from something called “mega purple” to enhance the color to fake oak flavor.” Natural ingredients don’t really mean much when you are adding plenty of ingredients and chemicals to what you’re drinking. So what’s the difference between clean wine, natural wine, and organic wine? We break down the differences.

What Are the Differences Between Clean, Natural, and Organic Wine?

There are a key few differences between all three of these types of wine. According to Vox, natural wine is, “in the simplest terms, that process has two parts: growing and picking grapes, and then turning them into wine through fermentation. Natural wine is from grapes with no pesticides or herbicides. Natural winemakers handpick their grapes instead of relying on machines to harvest them. When it comes to turning those handpicked grapes into juice, natural winemakers rely on native yeast.” Natural winemakers also do not use any types of additives.

clean wine
Image: Melnychuk Nataliya via Unsplash

Here’s a Brand We Love

We love Avaline from Katherine Power and Cameron Diaz. When you make wine, there is no requirement to tell you much about what’s in the bottle. At Avaline, there is a lot of transparency. Winemakers are legally required to disclose not so much about their wines (so you never really know). According to Avaline, “those disclosures only reveal information such as growing and bottling locations, whether the wine contains sulfites and the percentage of alcohol. There’s no obligation to tell you how their grapes grow or to name any of the more than 70 additives that are of use in the winemaking process to alter the taste, color, and mouthfeel of what is in your glass. Avaline does not use any unnecessary additives and is full of natural goodness. Additionally, you won’t feel as much of a hangover the next day.


what is clean wine
Image: Avaline via Unsplash

If you’re looking for an organic and biodynamic wine, look no further than Tractorless Vineyards. Their mission is to create a sustainable and diverse food and wine experience and they don’t miss one beat. Shop here.

We also love the Wonderful Wine Co., a division of Winc that creates a wine that is naturally low in sugar (less than two grams per liter), low in carbs, and have less than 100ppm of sulfur dioxide. It is oh-so-delicious. You can choose from red, white, or even orange (our favorite!).

clean wines
Image: Courtesy of Winc

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