So, Clay Masks For Your Armpits Are Kinda A Thing—And We're Intrigued

They stimulate blood flow and assist with lymphatic drainage.

clay armpit masks
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We’re well versed by now in the merits of a regular face mask, and let the minutes show that we’re not shy of sheet masks, multi-masking or peel-off treatments. But did you ever think about using a detox-inspired mask anywhere else on your body? Like, your pits for example?

Well, turns out you probably should. Just as you’ve adjusted to using natural deodorant, we’re throwing in a curve ball in the shape of face masks for your armpits. Armpit masks stimulate lymphatic drainage and assist in the natural detox process, meaning it should be a mainstay of everyone’s beauty routine.

Plus, your pits are sensitive AF. The poor little mites are home to a range of different nerves and lymph nodes, and they’re very rarely exposed to sunlight which breeds sensitivity. They’ve also been through the ringer a bit over the course of your life; who knew that using deodorants that contain a myriad of toxic endocrine disruptors and block the sweat glands from y’know, sweating, would be a bad idea? (Newsflash: it is).

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DIY ARMPIT MASK! an armpit mask? wtf lee….right?
before you dismiss it, read on. putting this DIY clay mask on your armpits takes literally 30 seconds and can help: •naturally reduce odor •soothe rashes, razor burn, and irritation from shaving/using natural deoderant •pull out toxins from your pits! . ??your pits house your lymph nodes, which are a major part of the immune system. using toxic deodorant brands disrupts your endocrine system, putting your precious pits in harm and leaving your hormones way out of wack! but even if you're using natural deodorant, sometimes your pits just need some extra love. . ??soo…if you’re not already, first get yourself some natural deodorant and try an armpit mask this weekend. .
??to make, simply mix 2 tbsp bentonite clay with 1 tbsp water or apple cider vinegar together and apply to armpits. leave on for 1-2 hours until dry then gently wash off. and remember..dont ever take urself too seriously. ESPECIALLY when doing a pit mask. #leefromamerica

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Traditional deodorants certainly aren’t shy of a toxin or two. Aluminium, parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde form just some of the cocktail that you put on your pits, which means that switching to a natural deodorant and detoxing the area through a mask is something that we should all have been doing like, yesterday.

Thanks to the trend’s growing popularity, there are a couple dedicated pit masks you can pick up on the market. Here’s our faves:

The Healthy Underarm Detox Mask by Lavanila

This all-natural underarm mask is formulated to rid the underarm of buildup and impurities, whilst speeding up the transition to natural deo (less stinky, more smooth.) Powered by active charcoal, malic acid and silica, the mask works like a magnet to help absorb and draw out buildup and impurities to detoxify the area.

Detox-A-Pit by Earths Purities

This completely natural formula harnesses the incredible power of Mother Nature to magnetically draw out toxins and impurities with ingredients such as Australian bentonite clay, activated charcoal, organic apple cider vinegar, colloidal silver and coconut oil

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We love nothing more than when we see Detox-A-Pit working its magic❤❤. @bentleighhealthfoods Go the extra mile to test and show their customers just how this armpit detox works. So awesome ? #Repost @bentleighhealthfoods ・・・ Just doing a detox…. Hang on thats my armpit, what the? Yes its Detox-a-Pit! Combination of bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, colloidal silver, activated charcoal and more… It helps to draw out toxins, its a face mask for your pits hehe @detoxapit #armpits #detoxing #cleanse #healthproducts #healthfoodstore #healthfood #beauty #bentleighhealthfoods #bentleighshops #keepingitreal #toxinfree #detoxapit #earthspurities #shower #bodyodour #activatedcharcoal #bentoniteclay #detoxing #healthfoodstore #healthyliving #healthylivingjourney #healthylifestyle #vegan #crueltyfree #healthyliving #australianmade

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Or, simply DIY

Making your own armpit mask at home is pretty straight forward and so much cheaper.

You’ll need:

  • 1 tbsp bentonite clay
  • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp filtered water

Mix it altogether in a bowl (Lee from America recommends using a wooden spoon and ceramic bowl to avoid activating the mask before it goes on the skin). Keep on for a maximum of ten minutes then wash off and feel appropriately smug and pitty. We mean pretty.

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giving my armpits some extra TLC tonight ? armpits are usually the last thing we think of when we think skincare, but they shouldn’t be! protecting this precious area (and doing things like switching to non toxic deodorant and dry brushing) can help soften skin, reduce odor, amount of sweat, AND clear up rashes that can sometimes come from natural deodorants/hair removal. for the mask, any bentonite clay mask will work (I used @odacite but you can also use the Healing Mask) give my armpits some loving. 1. simply mix 2 TBSP of any bentonite clay mask. mix with 3-4 tbsp FILTERED water (or more/less to get a thick, mask like consistency) mix in a ceramic bowl with a wooden spoon to avoid activating the mask before it goes onto the skin. 2. keep it on for no longer than 10 minutes. wash off in the shower or with a wet washcloth. 3. repeat daily or as needed until your underarm odor comes away! #leefromamerica #LFAcleanbeautyhacks

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