best valentine's day gifts
Image: Tirza Van Djik via Unsplash

The 30 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for You, Your Loved One, and Everybody in Between

We're declaring this Valentine's Day a love whoever you want to love appreciation day.

We’re declaring this Valentine’s Day a love whoever you want to love appreciation day. Do you have a partner you’re obsessed with? A friend who’s got your back like nobody else? Maybe you want to gift yourself a present for just being straight-up awesome. This Valentine’s Day, everybody needs that loving, now more than ever. We’ve put together a guide for you that has the best Valentine’s Day gifts for you, your loved ones, and everybody in between. Keep reading for more!

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for You, Your Loved One, and Everybody in Between

1) 437 Swim Club Sweat Set ($190)

best valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of 437

This is the ultimate couple’s outfit. Don’t you want to rock matching looks from 437’s latest unisex loungewear drop, “Swim Club”. And if you ask us, there’s not much better than an ultra-comfy matching moment with your BF/GF. It’s basically a win/win kind of gift. Shop here.

2) Yes Way Rosé ($14.99)

best valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of Yes Way Rosé

A delicious rosé from the South of France that’s light, refreshing, and tré romantique! It’s so good, we love it for any time of the year. Shop here.

3) They Call Her Alfie Hyaluronic Lip Treatment ($18)

best valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of They Call Her Alfie

This lip treatment developed by nutritional formulators and doctors to nourish, protect, and moisturize, and volumize lips. It can be used daily or whenever desired! It’s a power punch lip repair that does four things in one! The ingredients are incredible and include Hyaluronic Acid or HA, which improves skin hydration and elasticity. Another ingredient is Portulaca Pilosa Extract, which helps affect lip volume, moisture, and softness. It also helps prevent sagging. Lastly, Spilanthol reduces muscle contractions and relaxes your facial features, so fine lines are gone! Shop here.

4) Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ($392.99)

best valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of Dyson

We all have hair we need to dry, and the Dyson is the gold standard in technology. Leave getting your hair stuck in the back of the hair dryer in 2020. Shop here.

5) SodaStream One Touch ($129.99)

best valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of SodaStream

The perfect gift for any romantic dinner! How fancy do you feel when you order sparkling water for the table? Have it all the time with the SodaStream One Touch sparkling water machine. Shop here.

6) Our Place Always Pan ($145)

best black friday deals
Image: Courtesy of Our Place

The perfect pan for steaming, boiling, frying, and everything in between. Bonus points for it being non-toxic. Because we’re all still in quarantine, this is what you need for that home-cooked, romantic meal on V-Day. Shop here.

7) Jinx Furever Valentine Gift Set ($80)

best valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of Jinx

This is the ultimate gift for dog lovers! This bundle includes a framed custom pet portrait, a bag of the heart-shaped, plant-based Jinx Pumpkin & Apple Biscuits, and their newest Peanut Butter & Blueberry Biscuits. Whether you buy this for yourself or another dog parent, it’s the best way to celebrate love this Valentine’s DayShop here

8) VENN Skincare Advanced Multi-Perfecting Red Oil Serum ($115)

best valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of VENN

The perfect gift for the luxury skincare lover. This multi-correctional face oil serum has been strategically formulated using 34 root extracts, botanicals, and essential oils to deliver a category-defining, comprehensive skin benefits. Clinically tested to hydrate skin for up to 24 hours, improve skin’s elasticity and firmness, and instantly increase skin’s radiance. Shop here.

9) Lord Jones Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Hemp-Derived CBD Gumdrops in Passion Fruit and Red Raspberry ($50)

best valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of Lord Jones

This present is the perfect gift for enjoying a relaxing moment with the one you love. Enjoy together or send a box to someone special if you are apart.  Every box contains 9 handcrafted Gumdrops and each Gumdrop contains 20mg of the finest broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD. Shop here.

10) Equilibria CBD Daily Drops ($58)

best black friday sales
Image: Courtesy of Equilibria

What mama doesn’t need some CBD in her life? We love the way these drops from Equilibria make us feel. Make sure to use the code “biancamaycheah” to get 15% off with your first order. Shop here.

11) They Call Her Alfie Glide Lubricant ($15)

Image: Courtesy of They Call Her Alfie

During sex, using a hydrating lubricant is key for a good time. Alfie’s Glide Lubricant is a squalane-based lubricating treatment that supplements your natural moisture while enhancing intimacy. For intimate areas, so you can slide, glide, and be comfortable. Shop here.

12) lululemon Yoga Mat ($68)

best christmas gifts
Image: Courtesy of Lululemon

Yoga is the perfect workout to get back into exercise mode. This mat has over 5 mm of softness to cushion your body in any position. For the exercise lover in your life! Shop here.

13) DONA Hot Toddy Kit ($28)

best vday gifts
Image: Courtesy of DONA
We’re obsessed with this kit from DONA, Brooklyn’s small-match makers of delicious concentrates of Masala Chai, Dirty Chai, and Tumeric drinks! Make a delicious hot toddy with this kit. Shop here.

14) Foria Quickie Kit ($44)

best v-day gifts
Image: Courtesy of Foria

Have it all in the bedroom. Whether you already use CBD or are new to CBD in the bedroom, this limited-edition bundle includes all the bestsellers from Foria’s Intimacy collection, in deluxe mini sizes. Good loving for all! Shop here.

15) Dame’s Pom Vibrator ($95)

best valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of Dame

The perfect flexible, waterproof vibe for some self-loving (or for use with a partner!). Pom gives you broad or targeted stimulation with its powerful, rumbly motor and five patterns. Shop here.

16) Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VIII Divine Rose Palette ($125)

best vday gifts
Image: Courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs

The perfect gift for the makeup lover is our favorite part of the all-new The Divine Rose II Collection that delivers a beguiling bouquet of rebelliously rose-inspired hues and powerhouse pigments. The MOTHERSHIP VIII: Divine Rose II Eye Palette in Limited Edition pink metallic packaging is stunning and perfect for every face. One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for the beauty lover. Shop here.

17) They Call Her Alfie Love Gel ($39)

best sex wellness products
Image: Courtesy of They Call Her Alfie

We love the They Call Her Alfie Love Gel for everything sexual health. They Call Her Alfie’s Love Gel is a lightweight gel that is applied prior to sexual activity to the clitoris to help promote a heightened and more sensitive experience. Their Love Gel has two times more effective permeation of key ingredients and has three times longer retention of active ingredients than any other product on the market. And it comes with a bang for its buck because not only does it get you in a desirable and horny mood, but their Love Gel also hydrates, soothes, and rejuvenates when used on a regular basis. It’s incredible before sex and it’s incredible for the health of the vagina. Shop here.

18) Moon Bath Grounding Body Oil ($48)

valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of Moon Bath

Massages at home with your girls is the perfect way to spend your Galentine’s Day! Self-oil massage is perhaps one of the most nourishing ways we can honor our bodies and minds. Because we’re all part of the hustle, the ether and air elements within our bodies are elevated and craving to be soothed. Shop here.

valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of Smile Makers

Pamper yourself to a first-class experience with a one-of-a-kind vibrator. The Ballerina’s organic shape cups the vulva into an intimate embrace and delivers a wholesome stimulation. Its unique texture provides a firm and velvety feel, similar to a lover touching you. What more do you need in Valentine Day’s gifts than pleasure? Forget it’s even there and discover a new kind of pleasure, in places you’ve never felt before. Shop here.

20) Mello Bottoms CBD Suppositories ($60)

best vday gifts
Image: Courtesy of Mello Bottoms

This cult-favorite sexual wellness product eases performance-based anxiety, relaxes the lower body, and stimulates orgasm with a targeted dose of all-natural CBD. Shop here.

21) Nomä New York ARTUS Heels ($180)

valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of Nomä New York

Shop the Nomä New York ARTUS collaboration from Ekhator and the namesake brand for a limited time! Gorgeous, modern, and easy on the eyes, this sandal cat heel’s brown fabric emblazoned with collaboration insignia is the perfect gift for your loved one, a friend, or yourself even. Shop here.

22) KLUR.Co Symmetry Fluid ($70)

valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of KLUR
This is a nutrient-rich concentrate that makes sure that your skin gets that harmonious, breathable barrier that you need against today’s pollutants (there are a lot of them). Vitamins, antioxidants, and more help your skin feel clean and look gorgeous. Shop here

23) KNC Beauty Lip Mask ($25)

valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of KNC Beauty
Hydrate those lips for all the loving and kissing you’re going to do this Valentine’s Day. Or get all that self-care in for some solo loving. All-natural and packed with rose flower oil, we love this product, especially in the winter. Shop here.

24) Prospect x The Standard, Bonam Kim X The Standard Hannah Candle ($90)

valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of Prospect

Prospect and sculptor Bonam Kim have created a set of the artist’s HIM & Hannah candles custom for The Standard. Their deep red color is symbolic of the spectrum of love, from abstract to intimate. Produced with 100% organic bee and soy wax, the candles are handmade in Brooklyn, NY. We love these for sexy Valentine’s Day gifts. Shop here.

25) ROEN Beauty 75 Eyeshadow Palette ($42)

valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of ROEN Beauty

This warm eyeshadow palette is easy to use and fool-proof, great for everyone from the makeup novice to the professional artist. Includes four shades that are gorgeous on the eyes. Shop here

26) Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book Volume III ($59)

valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of Kevyn Aucoin
This Pro Artist contour palette contains our three bestselling sculpting powders, two new highlighting shades, and a limited-edition Neo-Bronzer shade. One of our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts ever! Shop here.

27) Vitruvi White Stone Diffuser ($119)

valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of Vitruvi

Calm yourself with essential oils this Valentine’s Day. A beautiful home decor item and the master of diffusers, this Vitruvi Stone White Diffuser is perfect for anyone on your list. Shop here.

28) Illuminate Body Oil ($39.95)

best valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of Rococo Body Oil

This is a luminous body glow oil. It gives you a beautiful subtle glow, a hint of color, and is truly wonderful for your skin. The oil blend aids moisture retention, promotes skin elasticity, is an important source of plant collagen and squalene, to keep your skin healthy, smooth, hydrated, and soft. Shop here.

29) Allswell Supreme Mattress ($985)

best valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of Allswell

The ultimate luxury gift for you, your partner, or really anybody. Who doesn’t enjoy a good night’s sleep? Stay asleep longer with the finest in the Allswell lineup. The mattress is soft yet firm, minimizes motion transfer, and costs less than its competitors. Shop here.

30) KIVA Love Sauce ($5)

best valentine's day gifts
Image: Courtesy of KIVA

Limited edition edible body chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Available in Southern California exclusively, have a little fun this V-Day with 10 mg of THC. Shop here.

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