astrological transit
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What is an Astrological Transit and How Does It Affect Your Sign?

The reason that astrologers can accurately predict what's going to happen or what we're like is because of these so-called transits.

We all read our horoscopes on a weekly or monthly basis (some of us daily even). We do a bit of research to see if it compares to what’s going on in our lives at that time, but we never seem to look at the astrological reasoning as to why it’s happening. We’ve all seen phrases like, “Venus is moving through Mars so expect a bit of a whirlwind in your love life,” and we heed the advice. We don’t really know why it’s happening though. The reason that astrologers can accurately predict what’s going to happen or what we’re like is because of these so-called transits. We did a little bit of research to find out exactly what this means and why it affects our lives. Keep reading for more!

astrological transit
Image: Greg Jeanneau via Unsplash

What Is an Astrological Transit?

As its name sounds, astrological transits are basically a method of interpreting the ongoing movement of the planets as they transit the horoscope and daily life. This is mostly done for the birth or natal chart of a person. The most significant returns in someone’s lives are those of the outer planets Jupiter and Saturn. Your Saturn return happens once every 28 or 29 years and greatly changes you as a person. You reflect, transform, and develop deeper. It is a period of great growth in your life. Jupiter returns are also super important and affect your growth. Those happen every 12 years.

When you look at your natal chart, a lot of your personality may come from what exactly happened during your birth. Where were the stars? What were they doing? This can make you the person that you are, and are destined to become.

astrological transit
Image: Courtesy of NASA

What Do They Do?

They might not do much when it comes to a dire effect on your life, but they do affect it somewhat. According to Refinery29, “they simply change the overall vibe of your day-to-day life. If a planet is transiting your sun or moon, you’ll probably feel its influence more broadly, across different areas of your life.” Transits can also affect the type of people you attract as well, depending on what planet they’re moving through. Mercury, the communicator, can bring you great conversation and a deeper level of understanding than you experience normally, for example. 

Refinery29 also states that the inner planets (those closest to the sun) move through signs quickly. Outer planets like Jupiter and Saturn take place for much longer, sometimes for many years even. Just like we explained above, those can be over a decade long!



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