These Are the Best Parenting Influencers to Keep Up With

From Bianca May Cheah to Chloe Morello, here are some of our favorites.

best parent influencers
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It’s the year of the baby, evidently. The pandemic has brought on a slew of pregnancy and baby-making, giving those that maybe we’re not quite ready or waiting for a moment to slow down to have the chance to bear a child. This time in our lives has brought us closer together and it’s given us hope. We’re now seeing a rise in everything postpartum and newborn care. From booming postpartum memberships like Erika Bloom to food delivery services to subscription memberships like Lovevery. We’ve even started becoming more candid about the need for real postpartum and new mom conversations. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite parenting influencers that we follow in case you’re interested in starting or growing a family of your own. Keep reading for more!

These Are the Best Parenting Influencers to Keep Up With

1) Bianca May Cheah

Bianca May Cheah shares the ups and downs of being a new full-time mom whilst also giving tips on what has worked and what hasn’t worked for her. She also does the opposite to what most influencers do in that she ‘asks’ her community for advice most of the time, almost forum like and then shares anything she feels would be valuable to her fellow mommy community. We find her incredible while staying realistic and humble. She’s also one of our favorites for being REAL. Follow her here.

2) Lauren Ireland

Lauren Ireland is the co-founder of Summer Fridays and shares a peek into her very beautiful and inspiring life in Malibu. We love watching her balance parenting and running an incredibly successful company. Follow her here.

3) Sarah Ayako

Sarah is the CEO and founder of one of the best fitness and yoga studios ever, Y7 Studio. She’s showing us the best mommy tips, her fitness journey, and that top-notch CEO content that we love. Follow her here.

4) Brittny Ward

She’s an ex-Playboy bunny turned mama content creator and we’re sort of obsessed with her. She’s sharing her real-life body transformations since having her first and second baby and taking us along for the journey. One of the best parenting influencers ever! Follow her here.

5) Desi Perkins

What else can we say about the super-duper inspiring, makeup queen Desi Perkins? We’ve been following her for so long, including on the way to her journey with her pregnancy to parenthood. She’s giving us all of our favorite tips and taking us along through motherhood. Follow her here.

6) Chriselle Lim

An OG fashion influencer and the co-founder of many, many companies including Bümo Parent, Bümo Brain, and Bümo Work. Oh, and she’s also got a podcast. Chriselle and her beautiful family reside in Los Angeles, California and we love following their fabulous life in the sun. Follow her here.

7) Kenza Zouiten

We’ve been following Kenza on Instagram since well, Instagram started! She’s been one of our favorite influencers and now she is a super stylish mom of two. She currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden with her hubby. Follow her here.

8) Jenn Im

Jenn Im has a super-popular YouTube channel where she shares her tips and tricks for well, just about everything. We love her candor and realness about mental health. She also owns the clothing line, Eggie! Jenn recently announced that she’s expecting a baby with her husband Ben sometime this Fall. Follow her here!

9) Mattie James

She’s a superstar when it comes to teaching influencers and brands to pitch to potential clients and make the money they want. We love to get our daily dose of inspiration from the woman who works hard but plays even harder. There’s nothing she can’t do. Follow her here!

10) Chloe Morello

Another new mama alert! The dazzling and pregnant Chloe Morello is a beauty influencer and the founder of Face Halo. We’re looking forward to seeing her blossom in motherhood. Follow her here.

11) Hannah Bronfman

Hannah Bronfman is a DJ and the founder of HBFIT, a blog all about wellness. We loved watching her journey to motherhood during the pandemic and are so happy for her growing family. Keep up with all of the amazing things she’s doing here.

12) Kayla Itsines

She’s pretty much the OG fitness influencer on the internet, raking in tons of followers and views. And now she’s a mama! She co-founded an extremely popular fitness app called SWEAT, which puts together workouts from her training programs to get you healthy and feeling good. Follow her here!

13) Adanna Dill

I still plan on living in New York City when I have children, and I’m looking at Adanna Dill’s Instagram for all the tips and tricks on how to raise a child in the city. She makes it look easy! We love following her page for advice on parenting, fashion, and everything under the sun. Follow her here!

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