We Tested 7 New Natural Deodorants & Here's Our Review

From Nala to Kopari, check out some of our favorite go-to's.

best natural deodorants
Image: Myro, Kopari, Madame Lemy

Real talk, have you been keeping up with your deodorant during quarantine? Honestly, we’re not really leaving the house so for us here at Amodrn, it’s been hard to keep up with our grooming schedule. Soon we’re going to pop back out into the world, and we’re also really ready to find a new natural deodorant to use so we don’t draw our friends away at first sight (just kidding!). Regular deodorant is known to have some bad qualities. From aluminum to parabens to other harmful ingredients, we’ve always been keen to go the natural route. We’ve compiled a list of the absolute best natural deodorants to make you feel safe to work up a sweat or go somewhere hot for the summer. The luxurious feel of these natural deodorants will leave you feeling refreshed and reenergized. Keep reading for more!

The Best Natural Deodorants That Really Work To Sweat and Smell At Bay

1) Nala Lemon Myrtle & Geranium Natural Deodorant ($26) 

best natural deodorant
Image: Nala

Choose from 3 different scents, or personalize your own deodorant! We took the latter option and created our own deodorant based on strength (catered for the sensitive-skinned) and scent. And what we ended up with was a beautiful sandalwood and bergamot stick that delicately scented our underarms and clothes till shower time. Safe and also free from toxins, this aluminum-free deodorant safely neutralized any underarm odor we had by using botanicals and scientifically validated ingredients of the highest quality. We highly recommend it!

2) Madame Lemy All-Natural Rose Deodorant ($35)

best natural deodorant
Image: Madame Lemy

The thought of dusting something under our arms was a little different from what we’re used to, but after the first try we couldn’t help but feel so elegant. Their classic rose scent is super light and doesn’t overpower your perfume or any other scent you’re wearing. Use it for a soft, balancing deodorant that neutralizes any odor a long, full day can bring. Expect to apply a few times per day, but given how beautiful the application experience is, who wouldn’t want to be dusting their underarms all day? And don’t forget their aluminum-free, talc-free, and vegan and only use ingredients of Himalayan Salt, Baking Soda, Corn Starch, Arrowroot, Rose Petal Powder, Rose Flower Oil, Jasmine, Vanilla. Another deodorant we highly recommend!

3) Kopari Coconut Deodorant ($14)

best natural deodorant
Image: Kopari

Empower your pits and arm your underarms with pure coconut confidence. This aluminum-free deodorant also glides on clear. Never sticky, also awesome, it’ll leave you smelling like sweet coconut — we even doubled using it as a pulse point perfume. But don’t sweat it. This natural deodorant is dermatologist-tested, non-irritating, non-allergenic, safe for sensitive skin, incredible.

4) Corpus Natural Deodorant ($22)

best natural deodorant
Image: Corpus Naturals

This green deodorant has so many natural scents. Lemon, rose, we’re slightly obsessed with it. Corpus, you have us smelling ourselves every five seconds.

5) Nécessaire The Deodorant ($20)

best natural deodorant
Image: Necessaire

The Deodorant is a clean multi-acid and multi-mineral treatment for odor control. A gentle complex of Mandelic and Lactic Acids helps to neutralize odor, while Silica, Zinc, and Kaolin Clay help to keep you dry. The formula is free of baking soda, aluminum, and synthetic fragrance. It’s another one of our favorites!

6) Native Deodorant in Citrus and Herbal Musk ($12)

best natural deodorant
Image: Native Deodorant

Woodsy with hints of spice, orange, and lemon it made our pits smell good and left us sweat-free all day!

7) Myro Solar Flare Natural Deodorant in Flame ($10)

best natural deodorant
Image: Myro

Myro’s plant-powered deodorant makes doing good as easy as smelling good. However, it can usually be challenging, so Myro makes it easy for you to be a plant-based hero. You can also customize your case and amp up your beauty routine!
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