The Best Low-Maintenance Hairstyles For Girls Who CBF Styling

Chop, chop.

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For most of my life, my brown locks have dangled well below my bra-line and required little to no styling. At night, I’d braid my hair before going to bed, and in the morning I’d give it a quick brush, pep up the roots with dry shampoo, and be on my way with wavy, shiny hair. But, a couple of months ago I woke up with a sudden urge to chop off my hair. Now, without that length, I have to dedicate at least 20 minutes each morning to style—time I’d rather be using to sleep in, TBH.
This painful new morning routine got my thinking: What are the best haircuts for lazy girls (like me), who just CBF messing around with heat tools and straightening serums? So I asked Edward Tricomi, founder and master stylist at the Warren-Tricomi Salon to share the easiest short haircuts for anyone adverse to styling. He recommended two chic options—both of which let you catch an extra 20 minutes of shut-eye in the morning.

The Shag

Modern Shag Color @brendakamt Cut/Style @salsalhair

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Why lazy girls love it: This cut is virtually just wash and wear, it can be styled by turning your head upside down until hair is piecey and tousled.
Ask your stylist for: A layered haircut with piecey bangs—the hair should be cut so that the hair remains longer in the back and shorter on the sides.
Style using: Clay or wax to style this haircut, even though this cut requires very minimal upkeep.

Angled Bob with Bangs

Why lazy girls love it: The short length of the cut makes it extremely easy to style and the bangs can just be tucked under when blow-drying.
Ask your stylist for: A bob with bangs—neck or jawbone level, based on preference. The stylists has to be very skilled in order to perfect this cut—the back of the hair can either be gradually cut in a V or an inverted V shape. The client has a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing the perfect bob for them.
Style using: A Mason Pierson brush and a blow dry serum and a little Warren-Tricomi Argan Oil or Warren-Tricomi Shine Spray for a shiny finish.

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