11 Stationary Essentials That Will Excite You To Be Back At Work

As a kid, I used to get SO excited to come back to school each year. Not because I was keen to learn or even because I was looking forward to seeing my friends (although, that did help.)
Nope, the reason for my eagerness was that it was an opportunity to buy new stationary! Generally, this involved buying A4 notebooks that I would laminate with posters of my favourite celebs from TV Hits and either a wetsuit material pencil case (because, #style) or a plastic one emblazoned with ‘EMRULZ’. Yep, I was pretty cool.
Fast forward to today and I still get that same feeling at the beginning of a new year, when it’s time to buy new stationery. But let’s be honest, letting me run wild in a stationery store is dangerous at any time of year. And why not? Having a nicely-decorated desk genuinely makes me feel more creative, motivated and productive.
So, to help you emulate that same ‘back to school’ feeling, we’ve rounded up 11 gorgeous stationary essentials that will actually make you excited to back in the office.

Kikki K To Do List Pad

Shop the Kikki K To Do List Pad

Yoobi 3-Pack Printed Notebook

Shop the Yoobi 3-Pack Printed Notebook

Urban Outfitters Magical Unicorn Tape Dispenser

Shop the Urban Outfitters Magical Unicorn Tape Dispenser

Anthropologie Rose Gold Scissors

Shop the Anthropologie Rose Gold Scissors

Ban.do Get It Together Pouch

Shop the Ban.do Get It Together Pouch

Maxwell Hanging Desk Organiser

Shop the Maxwell Hanging Desk Organiser

Ban.do Write On Paradiso Pen Set

Shop the Ban.do Paradiso Write On Pen Set

Kikki K Bulldog Clips

Shop the Kikki K Bulldog Clips

Codify Pencil Holder

Shop the Codify Pencil Holder

Yoobi Pencils 8 Pack

Shop the Yoobi pencils 8 pack

Lillian Farag Pencil Pouch

Shop the Lillian Farag pencil pouch
Still searching for your perfect 2018 diary? Check out our top picks. And while you’re at it, why not grab yourself a gorgeous gratitude journal?

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