Australia's first matcha café, Matcha Mylkbar opens today

At Matcha Mylkbar almost everything is green and although you’d be right in thinking this means it’s all healthy, in fact it’s because a third of the menu features the Chinese superfood, matcha.
Opening its doors today, Matcha Mylkbar is the first dedicated matcha café in Australia. With the owners’ expertise we have a feeling it’ll be a success. The entirely vegan mylkbar is founded by matcha masters, Sarah Holloway and Nic Davidson – the brains behind cult brand Matcha Maiden – along with brothers Mark and Attil Filippelli who have opened a number of cafés including Il Fornaio, The Last Piece and Brighton Schoolhouse.
Serving breakfast and lunch, you’ll find matcha in the pancakes, smoothie bowls and coconut soft serve but it’s not the only thing on offer. The creative menu aims to make vegan eating enjoyable for the masses.
“We wanted to recreate a new menu where people won’t even know they’re eating vegan foods. None of us are vegan, so the full-flavoured menu was designed with non-vegan eyes,” Sarah Holloway told Broadsheet.
For example, there’s still a ‘chicken’ burger with almond fries, avocado on toast and bacon and eggs, it’s just the bacon is made from coconut and the eggs are entirely vegan. How? the Head Chef worked hard to create an ‘egg’ that not only looks like the chicken kind but has the same nutritional profile.
As for drinks, mushroom lattes and beetroot lattes will be available alongside the matcha option.
“There’s no coffee in these specific lattes, it’s just the latte consistency. For those trying to wean off coffee you can still get benefits of the mushroom extract without the caffeine,” explains Holloway.
After weeks of anticipation it seems the inconspicuous vegan egg is one of the biggest draw cards. So get cracking and get down to Matcha Mylkbar if you want to find out what’s inside…spoiler alert: the yolk is made from sweet potato and turmeric.

Matcha Mylkbar

Address: 72 Acland St, St. Kilda, Melbourne

Instagram: @matcha_mylkbar

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