Australia's First Bulk Beauty Store Opened—It's Like Scoop For Skincare

Did someone say limitless DIY beauty bar?

Biome Eco Stores Naked Beauty Bar, Bulk Beauty Store

If we’d been asked to picture heaven merely a week ago, it would’ve looked similar to Scoop. Overflowing barrels of wholesome, natural ingredients, cute serve-yourself mason jars—it’s essentially a candy bar for the health-conscious and it didn’t get much better than that. But when we got word that the bulk philosophy had made its way to beauty, with the launch of a DIY beauty buffet, our idea of heaven became much more elaborate.
Brisbane-based retailer, Biome Eco Stores, opened a “naked” beauty bar where customers can make their own products from the jars of ingredients or purchase those pre-made, sans packaging. As the largest retailer of eco-friendly products in Australia, it was the natural (pardon the pun) step for Biome.

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“The beauty industry selects from a palette of approximately 12,500 chemical ingredients to produce a range of products with the average beauty product containing between 15 to 50 ingredients,” says Biome founder, Tracey Bailey.
“Each product formulation varies slightly, however, most cosmetics contain a concoction of ingredients including water, fragrances, emulsifiers, emollients, colouring agents, preservatives, thickening agents, and pH stabilisers.”
Research has uncovered women use around 9 and 15 beauty products daily, applying approximately 515 chemicals to their skin through the use of cosmetics, beauty products and perfumes. Bailey says the inexplicable rise of certain health conditions along with research conducted on the health impacts of chemicals raises concerns about the safety of ingredients in personal care products. She wanted to provide customers with an easy, affordable alternative.
“From candelilla wax and cocoa butter to bi-carb and bentonite clay, beauty addicts can select from a range of 17 natural ingredients to make their own deodorant, mascara, face mask, body scrub, toothpaste and more.”
Jars at the ready, girls.

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