Hollywood Actor Teresa Palmer: Veganism, Self-Care & Staying Grounded

The zen rituals she swears by on-the-go!

She’s the earth loving mamma of four, Hollywood actress and blogger of ‘Your Zen Mamma’ who jet sets between the US and Australia for work, yet despite how busy she is, Teresa Palmer is, as her blog suggests, one zen woman.
The Hollywood star famous for her roles in Warm Bodies, Berlin Syndrome, The Choice and now recently Foxtel TV series ‘A Discovery of Witches’ somehow juggles work and family life with effortless grace, and has now managed to add ‘wellness entrepreneur’ to her accolades too with the launch of new nutritional supplement ‘Lovewell‘ (with Christiane Duigan).
As such an inspiring wellness woman, leading the way in work, life and love we asked Teresa to share with Amodrn the secrets behind how she stays so grounded on the go.

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With such a busy schedule, what are the wellness rituals you swear by for staying balanced?

Because my life is so colourful, I have to look after myself first and foremost, so health and wellbeing are integral to feeling balanced and ensuring I can give my all to my family, business and career.  My main focuses are on cultivating self-care, eating wholefoods, having a regular fitness regime and ensuring that I am meeting my daily nutritional essentials needs.”

“In terms of rituals, reflection is vital for my mental health and staying grounded, so I always make time to write in my journal, I truly believe in the interrelatedness of the mind, body and spirit for holistic health.”

Image: Gemma Peanut Photography

When it comes to travelling how do you stay grounded?

In everyday life and while travelling, I believe the most important element of staying balanced is to remain present. Flying and travelling can be stressful, and it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking about what’s coming, rather than enjoying the now. I’ve reached a place where I love flying – it feels meditative for me and offers a rare opportunity for ‘me’ time, allowing me to disconnect from the world and indulge in self-care.”
“As part of this, I always download a range of podcasts before I get on the flight, so I can sit and listen without having to engage with the inflight internet. I love listening to podcasts and find it makes long transit times pass quickly. “

Image: @teresapalmer

As a vegan, do you have any tips for navigating airplane food while staying healthy?

My approach to on-the-go food is to always be prepared. Right before I board, I usually order food from the airport, there are generally more vegan choices at the terminal and I’m not forced to eat something unhealthy on the plane.”

“If I can take my own food on the flight, I usually bring something filling and nutritious like an avocado salad. If I have to eat airplane food, I always say yes to the appetisers, as they are often salad or veggie based – and also tend to have bread with organic olive oil and balsamic vinegar.”

Image: @teresapalmer

What nutritional snacks do you pack to support your body when flying?

  • Veggie chips, organic popcorn, seaweed packets.
  • Raw carob – “it’s the perfect mid-flight pick-me-up!”
  • Almond butter sachets – “a great source of plant based protein and under 100mL for long haul flights.”
  • Rice cakes with strawberry jam – “for a wholesome snack.”
  • Lovewell ‘Blossom’ Supplement – “The small packs are perfect for travelling and only need to be mixed with water so they can be used anywhere to deliver vital nutrients including – nootropics, vegan collagen, aqua minerals, protein, super greens, probiotics and mushroom.

What are the top three apps you use for self care?

1. The F45 App

“When I am back home in Adelaide, F45 is my fitness of choice. It’s not too demanding on my body and the club switches up the exercises and programs, giving my body new challenges every day. So, I have the F45 App on my phone and use it to check out the classes and book in when I can. I find it also helps to keep me accountable to a fitness regime, as I can access it in the palm of my hand.”

2. Day 1 Journal

“This app is an absolute must for mental and spiritual health. It provides a daily journal to record my thoughts and experiences, wherever I am in the world. Before bed I will use Day 1 Journal to reflect and debrief each day by downloading my day into the App via voice, writing and pictures.

3. Insight Timer

“Insight Timer has become a staple in my life as it’s a meditation app that will tell you how many other people are currently meditating with you. It is such a beautiful concept and I find it very grounding. There are many different types of meditation, guided thought and peaceful world music in the App and I use it a few times a week to feel reinvigorated and calm.”

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