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Here’s What You Need to Know About 2021’s Aries Season

Aries often empower other signs to be their true, strong, and authentic selves.

Happy Aries Season, Amodrn family! When we celebrate the ram, it is often a welcome to the Spring months, as it falls on the last day of winter or close. Every changing of the zodiac sign leads to a difference in the way each sign experiences the month. Aries empower other signs to be their true, strong, and authentic selves. They are fire signs who are often regarded as having the most heat. They’re passionate, hot-headed, but always there for the people that they trust and care about. We’ve done some research to see what Aries season is all about and how it will affect your sign in the coming days and months. There’s a lot that comes with this time of year and the birthday of the cardinal fire sign. Keep reading for more!

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Here’s Who Aries Is

From March 19th to April 19th, our lovely Aries have the yearly celebration of their birth and their annual trip around the center of our solar system, the sun. The Aries is actually the first sign of the zodiac (we didn’t know either). Because they’re the first sign, they’re often considered the most youthful or the youngest of the zodiac signs. Their sign is one that is fun, impulsive, a risk-taker, and someone who doesn’t take no for an answer. You’ll often find that they’re also go-getters, and it takes a lot for them to stray away from their goals. They are passionate AF, so expect both sides of the spectrum when it comes to them. Heat, fire, and some hot-headedness.

The Aries wants to come out on top, no matter what or who stands in their way. Some famous Aries include Matthew Broderick, Elton John, Big Sean, Keira Knightley, and Kourtney Kardashian!

Here’s What Aries Season Means for You

For this upcoming Aries season, you can expect some twists and turns. Venus moves into Aries the day after the start of the season, and here, Venus will change signs twice. With the promise of spring comes beauty, love, socializing, and more. Have you been stuck in the weird in-between of wanting to socialize and not having the energy to? This will all change in a matter of days as we grow into April. All your thoughts and plans that you have been daydreaming about are going to become a restless need to start getting those things moving. There’s a weird in-between of not being ready and being ready to go if that makes any sense.

But in the middle of the month, as Taurus rears its head and prepares a descent into your life, things will become more grounded. You’ll also feel relaxed, calm, and at one with everything around you. Taurus is known for taking its time and being slow, so definitely prepare yourself for the fact that things will pick up quickly and slow down just as quickly, according to Shape Magazine.


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