Are you wearing the wrong workout underwear? Try these.

Are you prone to lady problems? The answer may be in your knickers.

When it comes to working out, we know the importance of choosing the right shoes and of course, a supportive sports bra. We change from our day clothes into an outfit appropriate for exercise; our underwear however, rarely gets a second thought – that is, beyond, “will my panty lines show in this?”
But it turns out, there’s more to choosing underwear than preventing wedgies, camel toes and panty lines. In fact, choosing the wrong undergarments can result in infection and other problems. So what knickers should you choose?
First off, leave your silk and lace in the bedroom and out of the gym. “When you exercise in non-breathable underwear like that, your vagina suffocates. You keep more moisture trapped in that area, which increases your risk for yeast infections and pH imbalance, which can lead to vaginitis [a condition leading to discharge, itching, and pain],” Dr. Nicole E. Williams of the Gynecology Institute of Chicago told
Contrary to popular belief, the g-string is also not the best option. While they are unproblematic if you don’t have any existing afflictions in the area, Williams warns that, “wearing a thong during exercise can bring E.coli living in the rear toward the front as you move, increasing your risk for urinary tract infection.”
And as for wearing nothing at all, if your leggings are made of moisture-wicking fabric you’re in the clear.
So when it comes to getting hot and sweaty, it turns out your sheer, lace g-string isn’t the answer after all. Pull out those hidden granny pants (you’ve been dying for the excuse), go commando or better yet, try these workout-approved underwear…but don’t stay in them too long because Williams warns that “hanging around in sweaty, sticky clothing, cotton or not, is not helpful.”

7 sweat-safe knickers for a box of freshness

Bras N Things

body bliss bikini brief, bras n things body bliss, bras n things bikini brief dark grey
It was love at first ass grab with the new Body Bliss range from Bras N Things. All are made with ridiculously soft fabric in a dig-free design but we can’t get enough of the dark grey bikini brief. A classic cut with high sides and comfortable coverage, it was made to be lived in.

Shop → Bras N Things Body Bliss Bikini Cut Knicker $16.99


lululemon underwear, workout underwear, lululemon namastay put
Designed specifically for getting sweaty, lululemon’s Namastay hipster has flat-bonded seams and free-cut leg openings to have you covered in your downward dog. Made from soft, sweat-wicking fabric with cotton gussets, you’ll be breathing easily in more ways than one.

Shop → Namastay Put Hipster $19.00

Cotton On

cotton on body, workout underwear, cotton on seamless boyleg splice dice, cotton on seamless boyleg
Although not meant to be seen, we love the pop of this print from Cotton On. With all the exercise essentials, these are a comfy, fun boyleg bottom.

Shop → Cotton On Workout Seamless Boyleg in Splice Dice $11.95

Under Armour

under armour, under armour pure stretch underwear, under armour pure stretch cheeky underwear
With lightweight, four-way stretch fabric and laser cut seems, these are so comfortable you’ll want to ignore Dr. Williams’ advice and never take them off (but don’t). Plus, they’re made with anti-microbial technology, claiming to “keep your gear fresher, longer” and who doesn’t want fresh gear?

Shop → Under Armour Pure Stretch (Cheeky) $20.86


intimo underwear, intimo boyleg brief seamless,
Intimo seamless boyleg brief is the ultimate comfortable knicker providing coverage and contour to your finest asset. Also available in bikini, brief and g-string, they’re the LBD of lingerie.

Shop → Intimo Seamless Boyleg Brief $39.50

Moving Comfort

moving comfort workout bikini, moving comfort

With a name like Moving Comfort, how could you go wrong? Sweat-wicking fabric, laser cut seems and a mesh back panel equals workout-approved.
Shop → Moving Comfort Workout Bikini $30.00


2XU underwear, 2XU sports performance laser brief
Made for sport and exercise, 2XU underwear come comfortable and chafe-free. With moisture-wicking, breathable fabric and anti-microbial properties, she’ll be happy. Available in black and beige, and a thong.

Shop → 2XU Sports Performance Laser Brief $35

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