How to Give Yourself a Butt-Lift at the Gym (Before Denim Season!)

Tone, lift, and build-up your booty at the gym

The arrival of fall means that bikinis, short-shorts, and mini-dresses are basically banished from my vocabulary – and my wardrobe. Naturally, my workout goals then quickly become a little more targeted to what you can see underneath October layers. Priorities include firming of the triceps, perhaps, and some butt-shaping moves that will guarantee you feel (and look!) good in a pair of skinny jeans.
So, with Labor Day behind us, I chatted with fitspo star and personal trainer Anna Victoria to find out the exact butt-lifting circuit she swears by ahead of denim season. With over one million followers on Instagram, a reputation for delivering transformative workouts to her thousands of fans, and a figure we think is probably worthy of a Sports Illustrated cover, she’s pretty well-equipped to show you how to tone, lift, and build-up your booty at the gym.
Lace up your sneakers, grab some dumbbells, and get ready to sweat.

Squat and pivot lunge

butt lift workout
Image via Anna Victoria for Amodrn

Anna Victoria recommends pushing through 10 rounds, each consisting of a squat, left pivot lunge, squat, right pivot and lunge. To start, stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Begin by performing a squat, then immediately pivot to the left. “You will need to lift your front foot to widen your stance to do a proper lunge,” Anna Victoria explained. Then, pivot back to a squat position, and pivot to the right to do a right lunge. Easy!
Complete 10 rounds in total, so 20 squats and 20 pivot lunges by the end (10 to the left and 10 to the right).

Three-way squat

butt lift workout
Image via Anna Victoria for Amodrn

Brace yourself, because this move burns. To really target your inner and outer thighs, complete two rounds, each consisting of 10 sumo squats, 10 regular squats, and 10 narrow squats.
Start in a sumo squat by standing with feet wider than shoulder width apart and toes pointed slightly outward and perform 10 sumo squats. “Each time you stand, squeeze your glutes,” the trainer suggested. Switch to a regular squat by standing with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and do 10 regular squats. Finally, switch to a narrow squat stance by standing with your feet together and do 10 narrow squats. “Remember to squeeze your glutes each time you stand, and do two rounds total, so 60 squats by the end,” she added.

Glute bridge and leg raise

butt lift workout
Image via Anna Victoria for Amodrn

You should complete five rounds of this move, with each round including five glute bridges, one left leg raise, and one right leg raise.
Begin by laying on the ground with your knees in a 90-degree angle, and a weight resting at your hips, and then lift your hips straight off the ground.

A little tip: “Instead of simply raising your glutes, instead, tilt your hips in towards your belly button, this will ensure maximum glute activation,” Anna Victoria said.

Push through your heels to really target your glutes and pause for a brief second at the peak. Return to the starting position but don’t let yourself rest on the ground. Return lightly then go right back up into a glute bridge, and repeat five times. Then, raise your left leg straight up, then lift your right leg straight up. Each time you raise your leg, squeeze your glutes and pause for a brief second before you return your leg.
You’re finished after completing five total rounds, so 25 glute bridges and 10 leg raises (five on the left and five on the right) by the end.

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