angel numbers
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What Are Angel Numbers and What Does it Mean When You See Yours?

In numerology, this sequential repetition might be a sign from your guardian angels.

As someone who avoided TikTok for as long as possible and then fell into its clutches, the different hashtags you can look through intrigued me immensely. In #WitchTok and #Spirituality, there were so many people talking about something called an angel number. Adorned on their necks or tattooed on their arms were repeating digits like 111 or 777. They spoke about how if you saw these signs, it meant something or someone was trying to tell you something. After I fell into an hour-long rabbit hole, I decided to Google the term for information. It turns out, there’s something to it. Angel numbers are actually a part of numerology, they are the revealing and metaphysical nature of numbers that’s patterns reveal a lot about your life. To find out more, I did some research. Keep reading for more about angel numbers and what it means when you see them!

What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are repeating number sequences like 222 or 777 that appear in your life, in many different aspects of it. They have to also be noticed by you. Let’s say you look at a clock or order some food, and the numbers repeat like 3:33 pm or $3.33 for a snack. If you are noticing these patterns, you might be experiencing synchronicity of sorts. It might be that an angel or spirit guide is trying to tell you something, according to Well + Good. Each number is correlated to vibrational energy or frequency.
angel numbers
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What Do the Numbers Mean?


One is all about manifestation. Are you seeing this? It might mean that your angels or spirit guides are noticing your hard work and growth. They’re helping this manifestation come true.


A reminder to live in the moment and enjoy yourself completely and fully. You are doing everything correctly.


This might be that you are feeling a little on edge, unbalanced, or not working towards what you want. It’s a reminder to do so.


The number four is an indicator that your prayers and your speaking to the universe are heard and understood. You are being protected and listened to, 100%.


This symbol is all about change. Although it might be scary at the moment, it is not necessarily a negative thing.


The symbol six is a sign that you might not be doing everything correctly. It’s a call to take responsibility for your actions and look through what you could be doing wrong.


This is an indicator that your anxieties and fears are not in your control. You need to embrace them and let go and surrender control. You will feel more at peace when you do so.


Gratitude, baby! You’re doing everything correctly and your angels are giving you a pat on the back for being so grateful for their energy.


A fun one! The number nine is an indicator that you have good news coming to you soon. It could also mean that your current goals are coming to an end and it’s time to start a new cycle of learning and growth.

angel numbers
Image: Studio Reasons via Unsplash

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