Andrew Pap: 5 reasons to wear compression while working out

Although fashion is the name of the game when it comes to active wear these days, those of us who have been wearing it for a while (and not just to brunch) tend to look for clothing and gadgets that will also give us an edge.
I, for one, am someone who is always pushing myself. I constantly have new events to train for, so I am often changing up my training style and I have found that putting all of this stress on my body can make it difficult for me to recover and therefore, perform.
I have been wearing compression for a number of years now, and let me tell you, I swear by SKINS. You will often see runners, cyclists and cross fit athletes in their super tight spandex because it really can make all the difference when you are working your body hard.

If you are not already converted, here are 5 reasons to wear compression if you are into training.

1. If you are a runner, they may improve your performance

A recent study at the University of Essex found that test subjects who wore SKINS had significant improvements in their running economy. This essentially means that you burn less energy and therefore will have extra fuel in the tank to run harder and faster. And who wouldn’t want that?!

Andrew Pap

2. They help stabilise the muscle

Compression gear wraps the muscle to stabilise and support you as you train. This in turn reduces excessive muscle vibration, which can cause premature fatigue and soft tissue damage. Most of us have heard of DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness), and if you have never experienced them I can promise you that they are never fun – you can hardly walk up the stairs! If you, like me, don’t have time to be sore for two days, compression could be for you!

3. They keep the muscle warm

Compression keeps the muscles warm helping to prevent muscle strain and fatigue. When I first get out of bed, I am usually pretty tight and sore from my workouts the day before, so I find them to be particularly beneficial during my morning sessions and the cooler months. Furthermore, if you are running a long distance or doing a massive training session, you may find that the minute you take a break your muscles tighten. I find that it happens considerably less when I am wearing compression. Compression also wicks away sweat from the body and keeps chafing at bay.

Andrew Pap

4. They boost circulation

The right compression gear can boost your circulation, which can both aid recovery and boost performance. Healthy blood circulation ensures a better delivery of nutrients and oxygen to your cells so it should also improve your energy levels. For this reason, I will often sleep in the SKINS in the week leading to an event, especially if the event starts early in the morning.

5. They look awesome

Last of all, compression garments give you a sleek silhouette as it sucks everything in and it makes you look like an absolutely pro in any fitness setting. You can get so many different colours and patterns now so it is even more reason to give it a go!

About Andrew Pap

Andrew Pap is the founder of Battle Fit Australia, a rigorous outdoor training business that encapsulates the principals and values that he learnt through his military experience in the Royal Australian Infantry. He is also an endurance athlete, SKINS ambassador, IsoWhey Sports ambassador, the star of search4hurt season 2 and a trainer for Active Escapes.  Each year, Andrew sets himself major goals to achieve and in 2016 he will be taking on the 75KM Buffalo Stampede sky race in the Victorian mountains, his first half Iron Man and Mt Kilamanjaro.

Andrew is also the co-founder of Trek4Vets, a charity that helps veterans in need.

Check out Andrew Pap’s new online video


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