Alo Yoga Launched Slides And You're Going To Want A Pair

Does anyone wear lace ups these days?

Up until recently, I’ve had no problem with laces. They were an achievement as a child, something praised by my adoring parents. But as I’ve grown older—and been introduced to slip on shoes—they’ve become such a nuisance.
I think it’s one of the reasons I’ve taken up barre. Unlike my morning runs and gym visits, going to barre requires no lacing up. I pop on some socks, slip my feet into slides and off I go. (Working out is about convenience, right?). That being said, I only own one pair of slides and since I live in activewear, I’ve become somewhat of an outfit repeater.
That was, until last week. During my routine proscrasti-shop of Alo Yoga, I stumbled across a new product: the IT slide. Chic but comfy, simple but sleek, I went straight to the checkout.
Alo Yoga IT Slide, Rocky Barnes
Designed especially for yogis and the like, this slide is the definition of athleisure. With a moulded rubber sole, it’s soft on the joints and back, making it perfect to slip on after a workout. Plus, it can be worn all year around—the strap is lined with fleece to keep you warm in the cooler months. In winter, pair it with socks and you’ll be on your way (not to mention, on trend).
Available in black and silver, the monochrome styles will take you from studio to street with ease. Pair it with your Alo Yoga leggings like Rocky Barnes, or throw on your denim shorts or a floaty dress and head out for the weekend. Later, laces!
Rocky Barnes for Alo Yoga, IT Slide
Shop the look: Rocky wears the High-Waist Moto Legging in White, the Ripped Warrior Long-Sleeve in white and The IT Slide in Silver. 
Rocky Barnes for Alo Yoga, IT SlideShop the look: Rocky wears the High-Waist Moto Legging in Gravel, Summer-Time Long Sleeve Top in Black and The IT Slide in Black. 
Rocky Barnes for Alo Yoga, IT SlideShop the look: Rocky wears the Lush Bra in Black, High-Waist Ripped Warrior Legging in Black, Myth Jacket in Black and the  The IT Slide in Black.

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