Insta Babe Alexis Ren Just Dropped Her First Active Wear Collection On Revolve

Alexis Ren has one of those Instagram accounts we can’t help but peek at every now and again — even though it makes us immediately regret the burger we just ate and gives us major FOMO that we’re not on a tropical island.
With THAT amazing life, THAT incredible bod and an Insta following of over 10 million, it would be very easy to dislike her out of envy. But she recently won us over by speaking out  about how things are not always as they seem on Instagram and how just like anybody else, she’s been through rocky times (you can read more about that here.)
The 20-year-old model from Santa Monica has also been incredibly transparent about her journey from disordered eating to a healthy mindset and fit, strong body. So, it seems fitting that she’s just released her very first active wear line, REN Active. Officially, the range dropped in July, but was only available through a member’s only subscription service the REN Active Box. However, it just became a whole lot more accessible becaus Alexis has collaborated with one of our fave online boutiques, Revolve.

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Just like Alexis herself, the Ren line is sexy, stylish and sporty. It ranges from functional yet fashionable essentials like the Lexi Leggings to fun athleisure pieces like the Tasmin Jumpsuit. And hey, if it’ll motivate us to get into the kind of shape Alexis is in, we’ll take one of everything, please! As with everything on Revolve, the range ships internationally. You can shop some of our favourite pieces below or head to Revolve to shop the full range.

Skye Sports Bra and Lexi Leggings

get physical #RENactive

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Shop the Skye Sports Bra and Lexi Leggings.

The Tasmin Jumpsuit

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Shop the Tasmin Jumpsuit.

Alexis Sports Bra

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 Shop the Alexis Sports Bra.

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