The World's First Stress-Fighting Adaptogenic Kombucha Is Here!

Just when we thought it couldn't get any healthier.

adaptogenic kombucha
Image: SUJA Juice

Whenever I need a pick-me-up after lunch (and I’ve already had 3 coffees so can’t justify having another) kombucha is my ultimate go-to. The fizzy, slightly sweet taste makes me feel as though I’m being naughty and treating myself to a soft drink — but actually, I’m being  virtuous by nourishing my gut. Win!
The only way kombucha could be an even better afternoon snack would be if it could somehow de-stress me on those days when I’m drowning in deadlines. And thanks to the ‘booch buffs over at Suja Juice, that has now become a reality! They’ve seriously upped the ante by releasing the world’s first adaptogenic kombucha.
We’ve waxed lyrical about how amazing adaptogens are many times, like here and here. But in case you need a refresher, they’re a group of herbs that help to fight stress and fatigue and boost your energy levels. The ones used in Suja’s new kombucha range are reishi, ashwagandha, shizandra and moringa.

We’d been studying and looking at adaptogens for years and felt that the time was right to add them to our beverages. We identified the most common feelings and physical conditions that afflict people on a day-to-day basis, such as stress, inflammation, lack of sleep, and poor immune system health, and used that to guide our adaptogen choices. The great thing about adaptogens is that they’re multi-purpose and adapt to your specific needs to help restore balance in the body.
– SUJA Juice CEO and co-founder Jeff Church via Well+Good.


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SUJA Juice are best known for their organic, non-GMO cold-pressed juices and drinking vinegars and this is their first foray into the kombucha world. Sticking to their roots, the herbs and probiotics are blended with cold-pressed juice —  with Culinary Institute of America-trained chef, Bryan Riblett overseeing the process to get the taste exactly right.
The adaptogenic kombucha range will be available from select Costco and Target stores across the US from next month. You can check out their stockists here.

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