A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Everyone You Love

From a television to a pair of fuzzy mules.

As much as I am not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day, I can revel that it is a time when you can show the people you love that you adore them. I’m not talking about just someone you’re dating because plenty of us (including myself) are single. You can show appreciation to your friends, family, and even your dog this February 14th. Gift-giving is not the easiest thing to do, so I’ve come up with many items—from technology to wellness—that you can gift this Valentine’s Day. Keep reading for more!

A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Everyone You Love

1) Marshall Stanmore II Speaker with Bluetooth ($379.99)

Put on some romantic music and bask in your love for each other. The quality of this Marshall speaker is epic and will make you feel like the artist you’re listening to is in the room.

2) BiOptimizers CollaGenius ($66)

CollaGenuis is a delicious chocolate-flavored drink with a powdered blend of 5 potent superfoods and 1.2 LBS of concentrated mushrooms. It is designed to promote the following;

  • Radiant hair, skin, and nails
  • Instant wakefulness
  • Smooth, consistent energy
  • Neurogenesis at its most radical
  • More rapid thought processing
  • Memory enhancement
  • Rich vitamin profile

CollaGenius is so delicious and allows you to ingest waaaaay more mushrooms than you normally would to maximize neurogenesis! We love it!


3) Talia di Napoli Pizza Winter Special ($100)

Gifts are material possessions, but sometimes memory is all that’s needed for this day of love. Grab this Talia di Napoli pizza pack and cook gorgeous, authentic food together.

 4) PANGAIA Chestnut Brown Hoodie ($150)

valentine's day gift guide
Image: Courtesy of PANGAIA

What can you do to ensure your person is comfy AF this Valentine’s Day? Gift them the gift of this sweet, sweet PANGAIA hoodie. I promise you; they’ll live in it for years to come.

5) Kroma Wellness 5-Day Reset ($495)

You love, we love us some wellness, and this Kroma Wellness 5-Day Reset is a cool, new way to try resetting your eating habits and gut health. Your wellness friend, partner, or family member will adore it.

6) Jcoco Chocolate Tasting Box ($65)

Sensual, endearing, and a good time! Take Valentine’s Day to the next level with this stunning set of chocolate. You can get to know each other by tasting.

7) Planet Standard Astrology Deck ($50)

valentine's day gift guide
Image: Courtesy of The Standard

Getting to know each other better can start with the mystical arts, you know! How about guessing each other’s big three with a bottle of wine? I love this Astrology deck from Planet Standard because it’s a great tool for learning more about astrology and how each of the twelve zodiac signs can affect the placements in our chart. I’m obsessed!

8) Sidia Braless Candle ($58)

This candle smells so, so good—no lie. It’s very sexy and deep and will set the mood this Valentine’s Day, trust me.

9) Hisense 65″ Class 4K QLED Android Smart TV HDR U8 Series 65U8G ($1,249.99)

valentine's day gift guide
Image: Courtesy of Hisense

What’s Valentine’s Day without a snuggle while watching a movie? A Netflix and Chill, if you will. This 65-inch television’s resolution is mind-blowing, and the sound of this bad boy will make your partner jump into your arms (especially if you’re watching a horror movie).

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