Look Inside The World's Greenest Luxury Resort

Who says travel and sustainability have to be mutually exclusive?

Sustainable travel isn’t a new concept (check out this unique eco-friendly alpine lodge), but the Oasis Eco Resort is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Located in the United Arab Emirates desert, this eco-resort is set to be the world’s greenest of its kind.

Oasis Eco Resort

The architectural marvel has been designed by UK-based Baharash Architecture. It is designed around a spring, which will be the heart of the resort. This spring will not only be used for crop irrigation, fish farming and guest activities, but it will also provide a natural habitat for wildlife.
As for the resort itself, over 150,000 square feet of solar panels will adorn the ribbon-like roof that runs over (and more importantly, powers) the restaurant, spa, business facilities, fitness centre and 84 interconnected suites. Other green touches include onsite wastewater treatment and recycling facilities, as well as a zero-emission zone. But, it doesn’t stop there. Guests will have the opportunity to forage for organic produce from on-site farms and catch fish from the spring. Then, with help of a chef, they’ll be able to use these ingredients to create a delicious meal. And of course, no five-star retreat is complete without a Therapeutic spa.

“Ultimately, the Oasis Eco Resort will provide more than environmental benefits, such as economic and socio-cultural benefits. The eco resort will create job opportunities for locals, creating a more diversified economy. It will also help preserve the region’s heritage and provide greater interaction with native people – www.baharash.com”

Unfortunately, there’s a catch. The resort is set for completion in 2020 (tear), so you’ll have to add it to your travel bucket list.
Oasis Eco Resort
Oasis Eco ResortOasis Eco Resort

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