A Dairy-Free Cacao & Peppermint Trifle To Make This XMAS

Get into the festive spirit!

christmas trifle
Image: The Fit Foodie

There are a few things we look forward to at Christmas time—wrapping presents (anyone else?) spending time with family, social gatherings, beach or snow days (wherever you’re situated in the world), and let’s not forget all the food and drinks.
Christmas time is great excuse to experiment with different recipes and get into the festive spirit, whether you’re the one hosting or attending an event as a guest. Speaking of which, this cacao and peppermint trifle from recipe developer and food blogger, Sally O’Neil aka The Fit Foodie just screams Christmas!
Trifle is a popular English holiday dessert which is often made from lots of cream and sugar (delicious, nonetheless—but we’re all about that healthy life where possible!). Here, Sally shares with us her healthy version of a classic Christmas trifle, which is free from dairy and replaces the thickened custard cream for silken tofu instead.
You can decorate it however you fancy to boost its nutritional value even further, however we’re loving the fact that it already includes all the good stuff like avocado and bananas. The added sweetness comes from a little stevia and maple syrup, making it the perfect guilt-free dessert to enjoy these holidays. Keep scrolling for the recipe!
christmas trifle


Serves 4
Peppermint layer:
2 packets silken tofu
3 tsp peppermint essence
3 tbsp granulated stevia, or sweetener of choice
Cacao layer:
2 large, ripe avocados
1 banana
4 tbsp cacao powder
2 tbsp maple syrup (optional)
Optional toppings:
Micro Mint
Cacao nibs
Edible flowers
1. Start by blending the peppermint layer ingredients together until smooth and set aside.
2. Rinse the blender and blend together the cacao layer ingredients until smooth.
3. In 4 jars spoon in alternate layers of the peppermint and cacao mixtures, finishing with berries, mint, cacao nibs and flowers, if you’re feeling fancy.
4. Refrigerate for 30 minutes before devouring!

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