9 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Tech-Savvy Girl In Your Life

What to get the girl who has every gadget.

Christmas gift ideas

We all know that girl who has tried every smartphone before it has officially dropped and whose eyes light up like a Christmas tree when she talks data and analytics. She’s the same girl you go to when your MacBook won’t turn on, or you’re having issues with your email. But what do you get the tech guru in your life for Christmas, to thank for her endless hours of free tech support? After all, she’s already tried seemingly every gizmo and gadget on the market! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on for 9 foolproof Christmas gift ideas for the tech-savvy girl in your life.

GoBe 2 Tracker

christmas gift guide tech-savvy girl
It’s 2018: why should the tech-savvy girl have to track her calories, water and stress levels manually? Heal GoBe2 is the first tracker that allows you to automatically track all of the above, via high and low frequency signals through your tissue. Yep, the future is officially here!
Shop the GoBe2 tracker.

Google Home Hub

christmas gift guide tech savvy girl
Give the gift of hands-free convenience with the Google Home Hub. Powered by voice, this insanely useful device allows you to do everything from check the weather and your route to work, stream music playlists, browse recipes when you’re cooking and control devices in your home, all without lifting a finger!
Shop the Google Home Hub.

Nikon Z Series

tech savvy christmas ideas
If you really want to spoil your photography-loving friend or family member, you may want to consider splashing out on the Nikon Z Series Mirrorless Camera. Nikon’s first mirrorless camera has all the powerful features and durability of award-winning Nikon DSLRs, but in a much lighter, smaller, more travel-friendly vessel.
Shop the Nikon Z Series Mirrorless Camera.

Oura Ring

christmas gift guide tech savvy girl
What do you get the girl who has already tried basically every fitness tracker on the market? It’s time to step it up to the next generation of wearable tech: wellness-tracking jewellery. Leading the way is the Oura ring, an elegant ring that also happens to be one of the most innovative trackers in the market. It gives you incredibly accurate insights on sleep, activity and general ‘life readiness.’
Shop the Oura Ring.


christmas gift guide tech savvy girl
It may look just like a regular, full-length mirror when it’s off, but make no mistake: this sleek device is revolutionising the fitness industry. Embedded with camera and speakers, the Mirror transforms any room in a home fitness studio, creating an immersive experience where you can participate in 50+ classes from their NYC studio.
Shop the Mirror.

Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones

christmas gift guide tech savvy girl
One of the O.G wireless headphones, Beats by Dr. Dre also remains one of the best in the game. Their latest iteration, Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones, are comfortable, powerful, stylish, feature up to 40 hours battery life and can be automatically paired with the newer iPhones (no fiddling around with bluetooth controls!)
Shop the Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones.

Ember cup

christmas gift guide tech savvy girl
The world’s first temperature-regulating mug is sure to score you serious brownie points with the coffee-lovers in your life. The Ember smart cup allows you to set your ideal drinking temperature and maintain it for approximately one hour, so your hot beverage is perfect from the first sip to the last drop.
Shop the Ember cup.

Sonos Play One Speaker

christmas gift guide tech savvy girl

Wireless speakers always make a great present. But for the gadget guru, not just any old one will do. The Sonos One is among the best of the best if you’re on a budget, offering full, rich sound, wifi connectivity and hands-free control with Amazon Alexa at an affordable price point.
Shop the Sonos Play One Speaker.

Dyson Air Wrap

For beauty-loving, tech-savvy babes, give the gift that keeps on giving. The Dyson Air Wrap is a high-tech hair styling kit that uses airflow to curl, straighten and style wet hair, with no damage and minimal effort. Good luck not succumbing to the temptation to buy yourself one, too!
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