8 Celebrity Trainers Reveal Exactly What They Drink At Happy Hour

Spoiler: It's not just vodka sodas! 

cocktails at happy hour
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Great fitness trainers almost always make their classes feel like an epic party.
Think about it: They always have the best playlists, killer dance moves, and positively hilarious banter.
And if they’re that fun in a workout class, you’ve gotta wonder how your favourite trainer is when they’re out at happy hour. Good news, guys. We got the scoop. Turns out, those superhuman health freaks who love to taunt us with “just one more” rep (lies, always lies) like to get down with a drink at the end of a long day, too! Keep scrolling to see what trainers actually order when they go out.

Kara Griffin, Feel This with Kara

I drink! But these days it’s usually about once per week. I enjoy it in the moment but since hangovers and the negative scientific studies around alcohol are huge bummers, I don’t imbibe too often. In the summertime, nothing beats a glass of French (yes, specifically French) rosé but it’s usually a tequila soda with lime for me. (Have you ever heard of anything more basic or LA?) But, to be honest, if it didn’t make me feel so full, I would only drink amber or porter beers. Ah!

Bec Donlan, Sweat With Bec


Well, first off, I’m Australian so it’s almost a birth right, then you add living in NYC and it’s almost a given! I don’t drink often, with my crazy work schedule I need to be completely on point but I do think it’s very important to let your hair down once in a while because it’s all about balance, right?!
My drink of choice? Mezcal shaken with lime juice on the rocks 💃🏻

Lindsey Clayton, Brave Body Project

Absolutely!  I love a cocktail and I truly think you have to have balance. I’m not into crazy cocktails (only once in a while at a fun dinner). I used to drink wine and champagne but after a while, I noticed it was having a big effect on my waistline! Now, I love to keep it simple. My go-to is vodka with vanilla soda water. It’s refreshing, delicious and satisfying!

Bree Branker, IMAXShift Master Trainer

I sure do! I drink socially, as well as paired with great meals. It’s a fun way to relax and unwind after literally running around all day. When I drink, it’s always wine. I find it easy with wine to track how much it’s affecting me so that I don’t go too crazy but also let loose enough to chill out and let go.

Nikki Niestemski, LIT Method

I don’t go out much, but every once in a while I’ll treat myself to a beer or glass of wine. Usually not hard alcohol because I hate feeling hungover! I prefer to stay at home and indulge in some Boochcraft. It’s high alcohol kombucha and actually, makes me feel better in the morning!

Justin Norris & Taylor Gainor, LIT Method

Sake is low in calories, and since it’s not as potent as liquor in terms of the alcohol level, it’s less likely to lead to a hangover. It’s a good go-to for fitness peeps like us. If you’re lucky, the owner of Sushi by H will take a shot with you!

Kara Faulk, Barry’s Bootcamp

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In NYC, bars are the easiest way to catch up with friends, and I LOVE catching up with friends. When I go out (probably once or twice a week), I indulge in a couple of vodka sodas with lemon! In the summertime, to be honest, I crave a Moscow mule. I try to think about alcohol as an indulgence that is sometimes earned but I don’t think I’ll ever be the type to have a cocktail at the end of every day. I’m a lightweight and I don’t enjoy spending my Saturdays hungover. Believe me, I didn’t possess the same self-control in college, but the older I get, the more I appreciate the free hours and want to spend them focused, present, capable—in other words, not hungover.

Chandler Parr, Barry’s Bootcamp

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I don’t drink a lot, mainly because I am a light-weight. I usually only need one drink and I start to dance to any music that is playing. But when I do choose to partake, I always order either silver tequila or rum, with fresh lime juice, mint and soda water. The lime and mint are a delicious combo, and are low-cal options to cut the taste of alcohol, think a mojito without the sweetener!
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