7 vegan ice creams to try now

We promise they're delicious.

Vegan or not, there’s something about a dairy-free ice cream that should be sparking your curiosity. “Nice creams”, as we call them now, are just as delicious as the real deal, and perhaps even good for you. And with bikini-season and high temperatures being in full swing State-side, we thought we’d round up a few delectable options for you to try.

7 of the best vegan ice creams

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry's, vegan ice creams, dairy-free ice cream, summer dessert

There’s a reason Bridget Jones always had two consistent men in her life. By the name of Ben and Jerry, these fellas were there for all the emotional boy drama that went on in Brigdet’s life (and, if we’re being honest, ours too). Now, these bad boys have released vegan flavours, giving us reason to celebrate. We’ve previously mentioned how exciting we were about the ice cream giant making a crossing over to the “nice cream” range so surprise it’s made the top of our list. Although we’re still waiting for Ben & Jerry’s to make it over to Aussie shores, you can find most vegan flavours in any U.S Supermarket. So what are you waiting for? Get your vegan Chuncky Monkey on!


COYO, vegan ice creams, dairy free ice cream, summer dessert, pina colada

With the same full bodied, rich and creamy texture as it’s original counterpart, COYO‘s dairy-free ice creams are perfect for a (guilt-free) afternoon treat or dessert. Choose from a variety of flavours including Pina Colada and Raw Chocolate.

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Sanitarium, So Good Almond, vegan ice creams, dessert

Your beloved alternative milk provider has a range of frozen desserts that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. From choc almond, to vanilla bliss and coconut vanilla, Sanitarium have a great range of dairy and gluten-free options that are a great addition that your whole family will enjoy.

Sanitarium products are available in your local Woolworths or Coles.

Coconut Bliss

Coconut Bliss, vegan ice creams, dairy free, dessert

This U.S favourite is exactly as it name suggest, bliss. From Mocha Maca Crunch to Ginger Cookie Caramel or Cherry Amaretto, these organic flavours go well beyond your average vanilla. Two vegan thumbs up for this one.

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Luz Almond

Luz Almond, vegan ice creams, dairy free, dessert

It’s safe to say we’re a little nuts about Luz Almond. Their range of delicious, cold-pressed almond milk yogurts are also available as frozen desserts. The “Summer Strawberry with a hint of Acai” is a creamy and fruity alternative that sets just the right tone for a hot summer day. We approve.

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Over the Moo

Over The Moo, vegan ice creams, dairy free dessert

This nice cream gives a whole new meaning to being over the moon about vegan ice cream. Try Over The Moo’s Espresso Lane or Matcha Made in Heaven for a dose of originality and delectable taste. You can thank us later.

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Booza, vegan ice creams, dairy free dessert

This handmade coconut milk ice-cream is from an old Turkish Levantine delicacy. Booza uses “mastic”, a naturally produced gum from the Mastic tree, to create tasty ice cream flavours that are non-dairy and sugar-free.

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