7 treatment masks to help combat common hair woes

It’s that time of year again. With summer slowly coming to an end on Aussie Shores, those dry, sun-bleached strands are slowly loosing their appeal. Or perhaps you’re dealing with lacklustre locks, which could do with a little oomph. No matter your hair concern, we’ve found a hair treatment mask that could be the solution. Rauanzel-esque hair may only be a click away…happy shopping!

7 treatment masks to help combat common hair woes

For thick, rebellious hair

hair masks, common hair woes

Try: Kérastase Masque Oleo Relax Slim

Kérastase are the masters of their craft, and they get down to business with this luxurious hair mask, which promises to ease detangling, provide long lasting anti-frizz control and nourish dry locks. We like the sound of that!

Shop Kérastase Masque Oleo Relax Slim $60.00

For blondes

hair masks, common hair woes

Try: Evo Platinum Blonde Colour Intensifying Conditioner

Purple hair care products are designed to keep blondes bright and vibrant instead of brassy and dull,  which is why our blonde babes at Amodrn HQ love this rich Evo conditioner. The ammonia and peroxide free formula is super gentle and also offers a surge of moisture for softer, more nourished and shiny hair. Simply leave on for 3 minutes – genius!

Shop Evo Platinum Blonde Colour Intensifying Conditioner $39.95

For dry strands

hair masks, common hair woes

Try: Sukin Protein Hair Treatment

This treatment mask is rich in aloe vera, calendula and chamomile to soothe tired, dry hair, whilst hydrolyzed wheat protein works to deliver long lasting nourishment and strength. Plus, you really can’t go past the wallet-friendly price.

Shop Sukin Protein Hair Treatment $12.95

hair masks, common hair woes

Try: Juuce Shock Treatment

Juuce knows just what your brittle, heat damaged strands need. Expect high intensity moisture and nourishment to recharge your hair.

Shop Juuce Shock Treatment $22.91

For curly hair

hair masks, common hair woes

Try: Bumble and Bumble Curl Custom Conditioner

Whether you want to use this product as a leave in treatment, rinse it out or co-wash, the possibilities are endless. Harnessing Brazilian oils, the innovative curl-optimizing HydraSculpt Blend helps create controlled, moisturized curls.

Shop Bumble and Bumble Curl Custom Conditioner $54.00

For fine hair

hair masks, common hair woes

Try: Lush Roots Hair Treatment

Lush are renowned for their all-natural, hand-made products. So if you have fine hair and are craving some extra oomph and volume, their Roots Hair Treatment is ideal. The formula contains menthol, which is designed to stimulate the scalp and encourage hair to grow to its full length, giving the appearance of thicker hair.

Shop Roots Hair treatment $20.95

For sun-damaged locks

hair masks, common hair woes

Try: Aveda Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque

Spent too much time frolicking at the beach over summer and now your hair is paying the price? Aveda to the rescue. This intensive cream masque works to restore sun-exposed hair, moisturise, and help defend against free radicals. As an added bonus the light tropical scent is heavenly.

Shop Aveda Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque $49.95

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