6 things couples should look out for when buying a bed

A few handy tips

Snoring, tossing and turning, or extreme temperatures that have you reaching for the air con. These are all common factors caused by your loving other half that may have you waking in the middle of the night.
Partner sleep disturbance is a common issue, however, it’s one that can generally be avoided. A good supporting mattress, that’s breathable and is the right size for you both can really create a difference when it comes to getting a good night’s shut eye. So, before you go kicking your other half onto the sofa, consider the following golden rules when it comes to buying a new bed with your partner.

How to choose a new mattress

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Study your sleep pattern

The salesperson is likely to ask a couple of questions about your sleeping patterns, like whether you sleep on your front, back or side? On the week leading up to your bed purchase, make note of how you and your partner sleep and arrive in store prepared.

In this instance, size matters

Think about what size works best for you as a couple, and for the room that you share together. Do you like the space that a king size bed can offer, so that your sleep is not disturbed by your partner’s sleep movements? Or perhaps together you may prefer the intimacy that a queen or double can provide. Knowing what size you’re after is a great starting point.

Find the right support

There is nothing worse than feeling like you are rolling into your partner in the middle of the night. This generally occurs when there is a major disparity between you and your partner’s weight and the mattress is sagging. Find a mattress with a quality support system to reduce the impact of roll­ing. Mattresses with a Titanium Alloy coil are designed to increase resistance as more weight is applied. This assists in cradling both you and your partner, regardless of weight, to reduce the effect of roll­in for a more restful night’s sleep.

Two people means extra heat!

When two people are in the bed, there is naturally more heat radiating from the body. If you find you are a “hot sleeper”, try using breathable natural linen, a quality mattress protector, a lighter quilt, plus choose your mattress wisely. Avoid a mattress that envelops the body,­ anything too plush, unsupportive, or a bed where you are sinking into the mattress.

Don’t be scared to take your time

Spend a couple of minutes across a range of different comfort styles, and when you find the one that suits you and your partner, make sure that you spend a little longer on it. And be sure to lay in your normal sleeping position, rather than just on your back with legs crossed if it’s not how you’re likely to sleep.

Chat it through

We spend around a third of our lives in bed, so it’s important to find one that you like, however when buying with your partner, you may need to reach a compromise. It’s an important purchase, so discuss what each of you are looking for.

Words by Wade Ganzer

About Wade Ganzer
Wade is a Bedding Industry Spokesperson for Sealy, the leading and trusted sleep specialist, handcrafting mattresses in Australia for over 60 years. Wade has over a decade of experience in the bedding industry, working with leaders in innovation when it comes to mattress support and comfort. With Sealy, Wade is driving the message for Australians to consider the sleep support they require for a health mind and body. 

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