5 steps to transform your lounge room into a winter haven

Get ready to hibernate.

“There are several ways that animals respond to winter: they migrate, adapt or hibernate. But hibernation isn’t as simple as going to sleep for a couple of months…it can be a lot of work. Animals have to find or create that perfect, safe spot to bed down…[and] increase [their] body fat to survive, which means eating much more than usual in the months leading up to winter.”Defenders of Wildlife Blog.
With winter upon us here in the Southern Hemisphere, we’ve been prepping for hibernation – making soups and devouring pasta (I’m carb-loading for a marathon if you haven’t heard). And now, all that’s left to do is build the perfect nest.
Using our animal instincts – better known as our five senses – we’ve put together a guide to do so. Since it’s unlikely we’ll venture out much in the coming months, we need to transform our lounge room into a cosy sanctuary, fit for winter entertaining as well as snuggle-up Sundays.

5 steps to a warm winter lounge room

1. Touch

“I can’t wait to come home and rug up on my cold leather sofa,” said no one, ever. Arguably the most important step to get right in the cooler months is touch (or texture) and this should extend from your large pieces to your smaller ones. Think soft furnishings, plush pillows and a quality collection of throws. Investing in a good floor rug can also significantly increase the warmth of a space, particularly if you have hardwood flooring, stone or tiles.

Our top picks:

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Mark Tuckey x Cotton On Pony Ottoman

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Mr & Mrs White Icelandic Sheepskin Rug

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Country Road Aspen Knit Throw

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2. Taste

It wouldn’t be a true winter evening without red wine and cheese. And while they may not warm the hands, they’ll certainly warm the soul. When it comes to taste, winter is about rich, hearty meals and dark, warming drinks and your space should reflect this. Have books on your coffee table? Why not add a cheese board and decanter so you’re ready for any occasion. We’d also suggest investing in some nice mugs for the oncoming tea obsession.

Our top picks:

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Kara Rosenlund Wooden Board

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Mud Australia Latte Cup

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Georg Jensen Wine Carafe

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3. Smell

Matching the scent of a space to the season helps to craft the appropriate ambience. Pack away your floral fragrances, winter lends itself to natural, earthy tones reminiscent of burning wood fires as well as your more sultry and seductive aromas. If you don’t have a fireplace, make do with candles and diffusers that will also help to create an intimate space through lighting.

Our top picks:

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Glasshouse Fragrances Sistine Chapel

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Aesop Catherine Oil Blend

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4. Sight

Winter connotes pine forests, log fires and long evenings. Try to reflect these motifs in your decorating style. If your room is mostly white, filter darker shades throughout but don’t go overboard, you still need some colour to lift the mood. Next, look at adding some wood, perhaps through a coffee table or chair and finally opt for soft, delicate lighting. This often means switching off top lights and filling the room with lamps and candles to create a more intimate ambience.

Our top picks:
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Mark Tuckey x Cotton On Cross Stitch Rectangle Cushion

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Mr & Mrs White The Box Chair

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Tarifa Floor Lamp

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5. Sound

Your location will determine the natural sounds you have to play with. If you happen to live in the woods, lucky you, “winterfying” your room should be no problem. For the rest of us city dwellers, we’d suggest investing in a speaker system or better yet, buy a turntable. Not only will it provide melodic tunes for your winter entertaining, it’s a beautiful ornament that can add character to the room.

Our top picks:

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U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus Vinyl Turntable

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Crosley Radio Cruiser Turntable

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