5 Products To Steal From Your Boyfriend

We know you're already "borrowing" his razor ...

Love is sharing.
It’s offering to fold the wash that your significant other just took out of the dryer, or letting them eat your french fries even though they ordered a side salad and said they didn’t want fries (liar). It’s splitting the bill when you inexplicably spend more at happy hour than you thought; it’s gifting each other frequent flier miles so you enjoy a weekend getaway together.
I understand all this. But it was very hard for me to learn how to share my favorite face wash with my BF. I don’t mean to sound petty—it’s just face wash, right? Wrong. It’s the best cleanser I’ve ever used. It smells sort of woodsy and refreshing, is all-natural, gets rid of my makeup like a magic eraser, and doesn’t dry out my sensitive skin. Basically, I worship at the altar of this bottle of Ursa Major face wash.
So when I found that my boyfriend had been secretly lathering up his beard with my prized cleanser, I was shocked. This is a dude that rarely spends more than three minutes getting ready. Don’t get me wrong, he still looks fantastic … You just wouldn’t describe him as “well-coiffed.”
Turns out, he loved the face wash as much as I did—just like I love many of the (few) products that he uses. Sharing product is a great way to de-clutter your beauty cabinet,
Here are the best products you and your significant other can share:

Face Wash, Ursa Major 

via Ursa Major
via Ursa Major

The one wash to rule them all. When I confessed to co-founder Emily Doyle my obsession with the Fantastic Face Wash (it’s literally in the name, you guys) she laughed but agreed. “It’s my favorite, too!” Doyle said. “Oliver [her partner and co-founder] and I developed the formula together, and as a man and a woman we both love it.”
Doyle and her partner spent over ten years in the beauty industry in New York City before moving to Vermont to start their company, so they know high-quality products. “Coming from the beauty industry, I had this arsenal of products I was used to using. When I realized how toxic they were, I had to toss everything and start from scratch,” says Doyle. Solution? Start Ursa Major, an all-natural skincare brand for anyone who loves being outside and cares about beautiful skin. They work crazy well, and look great on your bathroom counter—all of the products share the same clean, minimalist aesthetically pleasing packaging. “We’re elevating the daily essentials, making the products you need and creating even better formulas.”

Shop all Ursa Major products here.

Razors, Dollar Shave Club

via Dollar Shave Club
via Dollar Shave Club

Odds are pretty good you’ve already swiped your man’s razor—they just work better, right? Here’s why: Usually, the blades on men’s razors are more tightly packed and are positioned at a more extreme angle so they can cut hair closer to the skin. So yes, they do actually do a better job than the pink “women’s” razors you’re used to using. (In the interest of hygiene, though, you probably shouldn’t use the same blade on your legs that your man uses on his face)
We love the Dollar Shave Club—the price is right, and it’s one less hassle that you need to deal with every month. You can pick one of three different types of blades—the FX works really well for those tricky spots on knees and ankles—set up your monthly membership, and you’re good to go! Bonus: The first month is free.

Shop the Dollar Shave Club here.

Dr. Bronner’s, Bodywash 

via Dr. Bronner's
via Dr. Bronner’s

Every household should have a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap on hand at all times—the famous “18-in-1” formula is all-natural and incredibly versatile, so you can use it as a body wash, shampoo, laundry detergent, floor cleaner, and all-surface cleaner. Truly, the possibilities are endless! Their peppermint scent is one of their most popular products, and such a refreshing way to wake up in the morning. It’s a great option to keep in the shower for a dude who’s low maintenance, because it can double as a shampoo and a body wash.

Shop Dr. Bronner’s here.

Le Labo, Fragrances 

via Mecca Cosmetica
via Mecca Cosmetica

Step inside any Le Labo boutique and you’re immediately transported. Earthy patchouli, bright orange blossom, soft rose—sensual essences are the base of all Le Labo’s scents. Opt for one of the single scents (Santal 33 is their insanely popular, totally sexy bestseller for men and women) or blend together your own signature perfume or scented body oil with one of their technicians for a unique fragrance. They’ll even print up a custom label for your bottle with your name and a message. Le Labo’s products are so lovely because they interact differently with everyone’s body chemistry, so even if you and your significant other share a scent, it will smell differently on each of you.
If you can stop into a store, it’s totally worth trying out a few different scents. Don’t live close to a Le Labo boutique? Order a few samples from their online shop to decide what works best for you.

Shop Le Labo here.


Bumble and Bumble, Semisumo pomade

via sleekhair.com
via sleekhair.com

Take a page out of your man’s hair care book and try pomade. Bumble and Bumble’s Semisumo pomade delivers high shine and soft hold, leaving you with smooth locks that still have a little movement. On shorter hair, it’s clutch for creating that slightly undone, mussed up look that dudes love. A little goes a long way, too, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it every month!

Shop Bumble and Bumble here.

Photo credit: iStock

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