5 Of The Best High Fibre, Protein Packed & Gluten-Free Breads & Wraps 

A curation of some of our faves!

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Carb cravings got you bad but also kind of aware that bikini season has arrived/is coming?
Don’t sweat it, there’s a science-backed reason we crave the comfort of carbs and in fact, research from the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition found when we eat processed carbs it stimulates the reward centre of the brain (much like drugs) and leaves us wanting more.
Yet, brain stimulation aside, we still tend to carry the guilt, especially if they are not the most nutritious carbohydrate sources—hello white toast.

So, what’s a health-conscious, gut-minded, fit girl to do when the carb cravings hit, you’re super hungry and need a slow-release energy source? Go for the healthy bread and wrap alternatives, obvs! To help, Amodrn has curated a list of our favourite options from gluten-free, to high-fibre, high-protein, gut-friendly and vegan, see below for the full wrap (pun intended!).

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1. Best gluten-free bread

Found out you’re coeliac, but fearing a life without avocado toast would just be too much to bare? Stressless, we’ve got you! Naturis’ rice loaf is set to be your new best friend! It ticks all the gluten-free boxes and more: it’s wheat-free, yeast-free, salt-free, sugar-free and dairy-free (bloating take that!) and is the perfect balance of portion-controlled, dense deliciousness.
Note: Just expect to double your toasting time… worth it though!

Buy online at Naturis $7.50 AUD.

Image: Naturis

2. Best plant-based wraps

Made the move over to a meat-free, vegan lifestyle? Looking to overhaul your whole diet and source the most natural plant-based foods possible? Well, look no further than the BFree Sweet Potato Wraps. Made using sweet potato straight from the source, these bad boys are not only packed with vitamin E (hello hydration!), but are wheat (gluten) free, have no dairy, egg or soy and even include a little pea protein. Oh, and did we mention they are next-level tasty? Add a little hummus, tomato and spinach for a super satisfying Summer vegan wrap or toast with pizza toppings for a wholesome Winter spin.

Buy online at Woolworths $8 AUD

Image: BFree

3. Best high fibre bread

This one is for the toast fiends looking to fuel up and kick start digestion early in the day! The Coles ‘High Fibre Low GI 7 Seeds & Grains’ bread contains a mix of delicious different seeds and grains including—linseed, sunflower, canola, sesame, poppy seeds—that in combination provide the perfect crunchy/grainy texture when toasted (and paired with vegemite or peanut butter). While not gluten-free, it’s still packed with gut-friendly fibre to really rev up the digestive system and is a cost-friendly go-to on days where you’re waiting for payday but don’t want to stoop to old school white bread.

Buy online at Coles $2 AUD

Image: Coles

4. Best protein-packed bread

Pretty much exhausted every main protein avenue and looking for another way to get your gains beyond steak and eggs? Well grab your BYO shopping bag and head to Aldi’s bread aisle because their in house ‘Baker’s Life Lower Carb High Protein’ loaf is where it’s at. Not only the talk of the town in the keto community (rumour has it Sydney based nutritionists and dietitians are big fans!), but it ticks all of the right protein-packed boxes and more. Said to be 85 per cent lower in carbs and high in good fats, it has 23.6 grams of protein per serving and accounts for 47 per cent of your daily intake per serving. Which means, when paired with a decent spoonful of peanut butter, it’s just about all your daily protein needs—no steak necessary.
Buy in-store at Aldi for $4.99 AUD

Image: pbco

5. Best low-carb wraps

Kinda crazy about carbs but know if you don’t cut back a little you’re waistline will not be thanking you? Then why not compromise in the best way possible—with a low carb option with the ‘Activated Charcoal Wraps’ from Simson’s Pantry! Aside from the fact charcoal is big on the detox scene and makes mealtime exciting again (because black bread!), they’re 40 per cent lower carbs compared to white bread combos, have a high fibre and protein content and even contain hemp seeds (which are about as ‘in as charcoal, just saying!).
Buy online at Coles $4.20 AUD

Image: Simson’s Pantry

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