5 Natural Supplements That Burn Fat Without The Side Effects

When you think about fat loss supplements, chances are that ‘natural’ is the last word that comes to mind. Instead, it likely makes you think of a chemical concoction that either sends you on an energy rollercoaster or leaves you glued to the toilet for hours.
It’s not hard to see why fat loss supplements have earned a less-than-glowing reputation. Traditionally, they come in three varieties — diet pills, fat burning powders that have frightening names like ‘Thermoshred Max XXX’ or skinny teas (aka. laxative teas.) These tend to contain powerful stimulants that give you a serious energy crash or other ingredients that can damage your gut.
That said, when used in conjunction with a solid diet and exercise plan, fat loss supplements can be useful (you can read more about that here.) And with a growing amount of companies releasing fat loss supplements that instigate thermogenesis (fat-burning) without the nasty side effects, there are more natural alternatives on the market.
Scroll through the gallery for 5 natural fat loss supplements.

The Help

Aussie company The Help’s ‘The Booster’ supplement uses natural ingredients like guarana, green tea extract and green coffee bean extract to boost your energy levels and assist with burning fat. It also contains essential vitamins like Magnesium, Vitamin B12 and B16 and Vitamin C for your overall health.
Shop The Help’s The Booster.

SlimTum Yin & Yang

SlimTum’s Yin & Yang supplements take a holistic approach to fat loss. The Yang is for use during the day and claims to provide a gentle energy boost while reducing your appetite and supporting fat metabolisation. Meanwhile, the Yin helps you get a good night’s sleep and reduce cortisol production — which is essential for losing fat.
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Body Science Green Tea TX100

This Body Science product takes the natural thermogenic properties of green tea and multiplies it by 100 (seriously, each serve is equivalent to 100 cups of green tea!) As well as helping you shed fat and enhancing your focus and energy levels, it’s enriched with antioxidants and probiotics to improve your digestion and immune system.
Shop the Body Science Green Tea Tx100.

Qi Slim Tea

While the term ‘skinny tea’ is enough to make any sensible person flinch, Australian tea company Qi stands apart from the competition. They’ve created an all natural, organic slimming tea that contains no harmful laxatives or chemicals. Instead, they’ve blended oolong green tea with spices, cinnamon and burdock root which increase your body’s temperature, resulting in thermogenesis.
Shop the Qi Slim Tea.

Skinny Bean Natural Fat Burning Coffee

Can you imagine burning fat while having your morning coffee? Thanks to the Natural Health Company, you can! Their Skinny Bean range blends Brazilian Coffee with seven natural fat-burning ingredients and antioxidants. It’s available in three delicious flavours – Espresso, Chino and Mocha.
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