Here's 5 Moves From Pilates Platinum That'll Lift Your Butt That AREN'T Lunges

There are so many fitness studios in LA that it can be dizzying to make sense of them all.
So when you find a spot that you love, stick with it. For the Amodrn crew, Pilates Platinum has been our go-to studio from the start. PP is a megaformer Pilates studio, which means the workouts there are incredibly challenging, sweaty, and intelligent. All of the instructors are seriously talented, and the chain has multiple locations which makes it easy to fit in a workout wherever you are in LA.
Oh, and if you start visiting Pilates Platinum on the reg you’re going to see results quickly. The workouts are incredibly effective and creative, and we can honestly say that we always look forward to how we feel once class is through (it’s a slightly different story when we’re suffering through the moves mid-class!).
Not in LA? Lucky for you, we’ve teamed up with Kourtney McCullough from the Pilates Platinum crew to create a few workouts you can try at home—no megaformer required! First up—legs and butt.
This routine will lengthen, tone, and strengthen the large and small muscles in your legs. Do each exercise for 24 repetitions—if performed on one side, be sure to try on the other side, too! You can use whichever size weights are preferable for your personal strength; we choose between 8-, 10-, or 12-lb weights.

5 moves from Pilates Platinum


Pilates Platinum shares 5 moves to lift the butt
Kourtney McCullough demonstrates some key moves





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