5 Deliciously Oaty Recipes To Make This Anzac Day

Anzac caramel slice, anyone?

There’s something special about a simple oat biscuit. They’re characteristically chewy, clumpy and imperfect and then, there’s the fact that they’re steeped in history.
Anzac cookies were a symbol of love and care, baked by mothers, wives and girlfriends, and sent to young soldiers during the war. They were made using oats, flour and golden syrup—the ingredients at hand that would last the journey.
While we love the basic biscuit, for those of you who find them a little bland—or want to be a bit more adventurous—we’ve rounded up some variations. Some are vegan while others are gluten-free but the one thing they have in common is that they’re all delicious. Try them for yourself this Anzac Day.

Donna Hay’s Anzac Caramel Slice

Donna Hay's Anzac Caramel Slice
Image: Donna Hay

Half Anzac biscuit, half caramel slice, this fusion is one worth celebrating. It takes chewy, sticky, gooey goodness to a whole new level. Donna Hay, you’ve done it again.
Get the recipe. 

Healthy Nibbles & Bits’ Choc Orange Anzac Biscuits

Healthy Nibbles & Bits Chocolate Orange Oat Biscuits, Anzac Biscuits
Image: pinterest.com/healthynibs/

With only seven ingredients, you’d think these biscuits would taste rather bland but they’re anything but. Simple to make, not simple in flavour, every bite has a little kick thanks to the addition of orange zest. They’re low in sugar, too, being sweetened merely by honey and dark chocolate.
Try them now. 

Mindfood’s Quinoa Anzac Ice Cream Sandwiches

Quinoa Anzac Cookies via Mindfood Mag
Image: pinterest.com/mindfoodmag/

How do you make oat biscuits even tastier? Eat two at once, stuffed with chocolate. Using quinoa flakes and oats, the recipe gives gluten-free options so no one has to miss out.
Make them now. 

The Queen of Delicious’ 3-Ingredient Coconut Cookies

The Queen of Delicious' 3-Ingredient Coconut Cookies, Anzac recipe
Image: pinterest.com/veerarusanen/

If you’re not a confident baker, The Queen of Delicious has you sorted with this three-ingredient cookie recipe. They’re vegan and sugar-free, no surprise as coconut, banana and oats are all they’re made of!
Get the recipe.

Tuulia’s Fruit & Nut Anzac Biscuits

Image: pinterest.com/source/tuulia.co

If you like your Anzac biscuits chunky and packed with surprises (don’t we all?), try these from Tuulia. They’re full of nuts and fruit and are deliciously chewy. Have them for breakfast after the dawn service, they’re surprisingly filling.
Try them now. 

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