5 dating apps to help you get back in the game

If you're bored with swiping left and right, give one of these apps a try.

If you’ve been swiping left and right to no avail, perhaps it’s time to try a different dating app. These days, there are tons of apps (besides Tinder and Grindr) that are helping people find “the one”, or even just a one night stand (hey, no judgment here).
So, to help you navigate all the choices out there, we’ve picked five dating apps that are worth trying.

Bored with swiping left and right? Try one of these dating apps


BumbleBumble is reminiscent of Tinder, but the woman has to make the first move.
How does it work? After you’ve both swiped right, you’re added to each other’s ‘hive’ of connections. Then, she has to start up a conversation within 24 hours or the connection disappears forever.
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HappyHave you ever locked eyes with a good-looking stranger on the train one minute, only to realise they’ve disappeared the next? Don’t worry, you may be able to find them on Happn.
How does it work? Happn connects you with people who could conveniently be located to anywhere you go. You can see where exactly you crossed paths, and if you’re into he or she, you can heart them (like Tinder) or if you’re really trying to get their attention, you can “charm,” them.
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AlignAlign is the app that connects you with your match based on astrological zodiac signs.
How does it work? Based on your sign, the app presents you with a list of adjectives and emojis. You choose the six you identify with the most, which then appear on your profile. Align then gives you a roundup of just five matches per day. Then, it’s up to you if you choose to exchange messages. The catch? So far, the app is only available in L.A, New York, and the Bay Area.
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dating4Fitness fanatics, this app is for you. SWEATT allows you to connect with like-minded individuals that’ll double as workout buddies.
How does it work? SWEATT’s unique algorithm matches based on your exercise routine, including “workout frequency” and “time-of-day”. After the initial sign up, five matches are waiting. Whether you’re a yogi or spin junkie, this app is worth a try.
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TastebudDon’t you just love it when you meet someone with the same music taste?! Tastebuds understand this feeling, connecting people through music.
How does it work? Tastebuds gathers information from your music “likes” on Facebook and your iTunes library. This information is automatically inserted into your profile, but you can add more. Then, you’re presented with profiles of people whose music taste most closely matches yours. Instead of sending a message, you can flirt by sending someone a song.
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