5 Anti-New Year's Resolutions To Add To Your 'To Don't' List In 2018

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While the end of the year is undoubtedly a time for goal-setting and planning ahead, we would also argue that it’s a time for self-reflection. It’s important to look back and evaluate what things you did well and what could be better. Were there any self-sabotaging behaviours that help you back from achieving these goals?
As well as jotting down your goals for 2018, we say it’s a good idea to also make a ‘to don’t’ list of the behaviours that no longer serve you. Think of it as a kind of anti-new year’s resolution list, if you will!
Here are some thing you should definitely stop doing in the new year.

Comparing yourself to others

In the age of Instagram, it’s all too easy to compare yourself to others. It may feel as though everyone else has the perfect job, the perfect body, the perfect home. But it’s important to remember that what you’re looking at on social media is actually just a highlight reel of someone else’s life. You never know, they may be looking at your Instagram and wishing they had certain aspects of your life! While it’s perfectly fine to admire things about other people, nothing good can ever come from comparing yourself to other. As they say, comparison is the thief of joy. The energy is much better spend trying to become the best version of YOU!

Sweating the small stuff

Whether it’s that the supermarket cashier gave you a weird look or that you gained a kilo, how often do you stress out about things that have literally zero consequence on your life? Making mountains out of molehills distracts you from the things in life that actually matter. The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F*ck by Sarah Knight is an awesome book about this, as it teaches you to reserve your f*cks for things that are actually important.

Trying to please everyone

Us ladies tend to feel like we have to make everyone happy, all of the time. Of course, it’s normal to care about the people in our lives and want to fulfil all our responsibilities. But trying to please everyone is an exhausting and futile exercise. The same goes for trying to make everyone like you. As Jennifer Romilimi says in her book Weird in a World That’s Not: A Career Guide for Misfits, F*ckups, and Failures, “Some people just won’t like you, whatever. There’s no amount of extra-teeth smiling or forced charm or jokes or compliments or social games or happy-face emoji DMs that will change their minds…”

Needing permission

How often do you stop yourself for applying for that job or pursuing that new hobby, because you don’t think you’re good enough? Often, this comes down to not feeling like we need to have ‘permission’ to do the things we want to — whether that’s permission from the people in our lives or from the universe. Here’s the thing, nobody ever officially gives you permission, so you need to give it to yourself. So, next year, officially give yourself permission to be happy, to like yourself and to go after what you want. You can even write yourself permission slips and keep them in spots where you’ll see them regularly, like in your wallet or on your mirror.

Not listening to your body

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We’re all guilty of ignoring health niggles because we’re just too busy. After all, who has the time to go to the doctor every time they have a headache? But whether it’s an ongoing eye twitch or a constantly bloated belly, these little things can be signs that something isn’t right in your body. When left unchecked, these can develop into a bigger issues that are going to be a lot harder to treat. So, why not make 2018 the year you listen to your body and get proactive about your health? Check out the signs you may be on the brink of burnout.

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