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4 Fundamental Modified Gym Exercises You Can Do in the Comfort of Your Living Room

So easy to perform, right at home.

Who needs a gym when you have a couch? Many of us are still working out from home because of the pandemic, but we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to go to the gym in order to get your fitness on. There are so many ways to reform your home into the gym of your dreams, we promise. We interviewed fitness expert Kollins Ezekh who shared with us how you can recreate your favorite gym move at home. A celebrity personal trainer and vegan boxer, Kollins demonstrates how to use a pair of free weights, bands or even just your body and common household items to mimic your gym workout and stay fit and healthy from the comfort of home. Here are four fundamental gym exercises modified to be performed in the comfort of your living room!

4 Fundamental Modified Gym Exercises You Can Do in the Comfort of Your Living Room

1) Bench Press

This is a classic horizontal push exercise, that works your chest, shoulders and triceps. Place your hands out wide on the armrest of the couch, (wider than your shoulders) and your feet on the floor, lock in your core, keep your neck straight and in line with the spine and do a slow push up to work those same muscles at home.

Image: Courtesy of Kollins Ezekh

2) Dips

Dips, are a great and simple exercise to develop arm muscles, especially triceps. Side on the floor in front of your couch, place your palms face down on the couch on each side of your torso, and slowly lift yourself up and down, engaging your core. You can elevate your legs for extra resistance.
Image: Courtesy of Kollins Ezekh

3) Leg Press

This is my version of leg press, using the couch as a weight. Lie on your back on the floor, lift your legs pulling the knees into the chest and flexing the feet at 45 degrees to the ceiling. Bend through the knees propping the couch on top of the feet as a weight. Bend and lift with the weight to mimic the leg press at home and keep your arms out straight on either side of you for added stability. You could also do this action with an exercise band to create resistance or if it’s too much you can just do regular squats. The goal here is to fire up the thighs and glutes and get them working!
Image: Courtesy of Kollins Ezekh

4) Knee Raises

Knee raises is a to-go exercise for many working their core at the gym, but at home tho you can do this right on your couch! Make sure to feel your core engage as you perform this exercise.
Image: Courtesy of Kollins Ezekh

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