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2022 Unique Plant Trend Predictions, According to the Experts

We speak to houseplant subscription company, Horti.

Every January and February, our news feeds are filled with predictions for which plants will take center stage. While the fiddle leaf fig versus parlor palm debate has its place, there are much larger, more meaningful trends in the industry that every plant parent should know about—Horti is here to give us an inside look. From treating plants as living beings to using them as therapeutic tools in our journeys toward self-discovery, the trends go deep into the ways plants have the power to actually shift our culture & impact the way we connect with the environment, ourselves and each other. We connected with CEO and Co-Founder, Puneet Sabharwal for their 2022 plant predictions. Keep reading for more!

2022 Plant Predictions According to Horti CEO and Co-Founder, Puneet Sabharwal

1) Plants are people

The more we know about plants, the more we can see them as part of our communities not as commodities that can be discarded and replaced easily. Thanks to advancements in science, there’s a growing understanding of plants as living beings who co-create and cooperate with the ecosystems they’re part of.

2) The new beginner’s plant

In terms of actual plants, Peperomia Green will take its rightful place as the go-to plant that’s hard to kill, tolerant of neglect, and has a cheerful presence with its thick, bright green succulent-like leaves. Other plants that have been ubiquitous with beginner plants like pothos, ZZ and snake plants have oversaturated homes and plant swaps.

3) Growing vertically

As urban dwellers continue to add greenery to small living spaces, they quickly lose surface area and horizontal space for plants. Creative aesthetics for hanging plants from ceilings and showcasing on wall mounts is going to become more valuable. Vining plants are especially well-suited for versatile placement because many species can vine in any direction.

4) Flowers are for now plants are forever

The global fresh flower industry is really wasteful and is banking on people’s desire to be indulgent, impulsive, and often desperate to resolve conflict or get out of the dog house whereas plants evoke more thoughtfulness commitment to care and inherent sustainability.

5) Indoor trees as living art

An indoor jungle is nothing without trees, and people are realizing what a great investment trees can be. Ficus Audrey and Burgundy are two plants that will start getting more attention as a viable indoor tree, and will replace the fiddle leaf fig.

6) Plant therapy

Plants are increasingly becoming central to self-care and self-discovery. Criminalization of the use of healing plants has been a big barrier to entry but the legalization of marijuana that’s increasing in states across the U.S. is a precedent for other plants (and fungi!) that have psychedelic properties to be reclassified and destigmatized in our culture.

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