15 Chic Hair Accessories That Will Fix Any Bad Hair Day

They're back in a BIG way.

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Image: Urban Outfitters/Free People

While Serena van de Woodsen was positioned as the ‘It girl’ in the iconic TV series, Gossip Girl, I would argue it was Blair Waldorf who was seriously influential. All of a sudden, girls everywhere were rocking plaid coats and printed stockings with open-toe shoes, in order to emulate the brunette schemer’s style. But without a doubt,  the biggest trend Blair trailblazed was hair accessories. Bow headbands, bejewelled tiaras, berets… you name it, Blair wore it—and naturally, we did, too.
Somewhere along the way, the hair accessories trend died out (probably when Gossip Girl ended in 2012). Which is a shame, really, as they’re the perfect way to fix a bad hair day and level up your look. The good news is, hair accessories are back in a major way! We’ve been seeing them everywhere lately—from international runways to the Instagram feeds of some of our fave fashion bloggers and celebrity hair stylists. And we’re not just talking Coachella-esque flower crowns, either. From metallic headbands and oversized ribbons to colourful scrunchies, everything old is new again when it comes to creating your hair wardrobe. Keep reading for 15 of our fave hair accessories of the moment.

Urban Outfitters Margot Hair Pin

This minimalistic hair clasp is the perfect alternative to your boring old ponytail.
Shop the Urban Outfitters Margot Hair Pin

Showpo Without Your Heart Headband


Channel your inner woodland fairy with this gorgeous metallic headband.
Shop the Showpo Without Your Heart Headband

Urban Outfitters Vacation Twist Head Wrap

Feel like you’re on vacay every day with this effortlessly chic hair wrap.
Shop the Urban Outfitters Vacation Twist Head Wrap

Free People Printed Scarf Pony

There’s something so Elizabeth Taylor about this elegant hair scarf—and we’re totally on board.
Shop the Free People Printed Scarf Pony

Urban Outfitters Velvet Hair Scrunchies

You better believe that scrunchies are cool again—especially when they’re pastel!
Shop the Urban Outfitters Velvet Hair Scrunchies

Heather McDowell Headband

It’s not hard to imagine Blair Waldorf herself rocking this classic floral headband.
Shop the Heather McDowell Rebecca Headband

Lady Jayne Metallic Swirly Slides

Who needs bobby pins when you can tame your hair with these chic metallic slides?
Shop the Lady Jayne Metallic Swirly Slides

MAST Stellar Hair Pins

Add some bohemian flair to your messy bun with these turquoise hair pins.
Shop the MAST Stellar Hair Pins

Missoni Crochet Knit Headband

Make a bold statement with this handknitted headband in Missoni’s signature zig-zag pattern.
Shop the Missoni Crochet Knit Headband.

Asos Embroidered Lace Headband

Love headbands but hate the headaches they give you? This super soft, lace headband will give you all of the pretty but none of the pain.
Shop the Asos Embroidered Lace Headband

Mimco Nuance Rose Gold Pin Set

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with all things rose gold here at Amodrn HQ, and these pretty pins are no exception.
Shop the Mimco Nuance Pin Set

ASOS Metal Flower Hair Back Crown

This stunning hair clasp adds a hint of understated elegance to any look.
Shop the ASOS Metal Flower Hair Back Crown

Morgan & Taylor Crystal Headpiece

Featuring two rows of gold-toned gemstones, this headpiece is perfect for when you need to lift your glam game.
Shop the Morgan & Taylor Crystal Headpiece

Free People Tie Back Headband

Is it a headband? Is it a hair tie? It’s both, and we’re totally here for it.
Shop the Free People Tie Back Headband

Urban Outfitters Twist Wire Headwrap

We love how versatile this colourful wrap is—you can tie in a bow, twist it into a turban or wear it as a ponytail scarf.
Shop the Urban Outfitters Twist Wire Headwrap
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